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Lincoln Navigator Pricing Surges Higher For 2020 Model Year


The pricing of the Lincoln Navigator has been as fluid as the model itself sever since the current generation Navigator was introduced in 2018. Following a period of minor price increases, Lincoln has revealed that the price for the Navigator has climbed again for 2020.

This time, it has gone up by a whopping $2,620 which caused us to wonder what you get for that much of a price hike? For starters, Lincoln will be giving buyers more standard amenities as well as an all new special edition that brings more body color accents to the Gator. But it appears that the price hike could potentially go even higher, with an internal letter sent to dealers (which was conveniently scooped up by the folks at CarsDirect another $365 price hike is in store for its mid year update. This second increase is not as lofty, but when the two are mixed together with the prior price increases, they all cause the Navigator to have a base price of over $100,00 with the formal figure ringing in at $100,335. This is higher than the old $99,970 base price, with range topping Navigator L Black Label now starting at $101,630 which easily makes it the most expensive model in the brand’s lineup according to CarsDirect.


This pricing also makes the 2020 Navigator much more expensive than the outgoing 2020 Cadillac Escalade, with the big Cadillac being nearly $2,000 less expensive than the Navigator. This of course does not include the $9,000 rebate has in place for the model, as well as the $19,000 discount for current Cadillac customers. With the 2021 Cadillac Escalade in the wings, look for the price wars to be on much more even ground once the old inventory is sold off. However, in the short term this pricing disparity might cause some potential buyers to drift over to rival Cadillac, especially those that prefer to try and pinch some pennies.


Either way, the pricing wars in the full-size luxury SUV segment have never been hotter, and while the 2021 Cadillac Escalade will need some time to get itself established in the marketplace before the verdict over who indeed has the best pricing can be determined. Any advantage that a company can have in this arena is welcome, and look for Cadillac and other rivals to capitalize on this price increase with their own offers and specials.



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