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Clever Tips To Transport Your Vehicle During Winter


This is a guest post provided to our editors.

Winter driving comes with plenty of risks. The roads are often slippery, while the visibility can get compromised. Because of this, most people who need to ship their cars to other parts of the country choose to delay their long travels during the winter season. But if you have no other choice but to schedule your trip while the snow is still falling, you can rely on reliable vehicle transporting companies to help you carry your vehicle safely.

This is why many Americans have turned to websites like https://www.a1autotransport.com/shipping-a-car-in-the-winter/ to move their vehicles during slush season.

However, you still need to take all the necessary precautions to help the auto transport service provider protect your car during the winter. Here are several tips to keep your car safe during its winter transport schedule.

Get Rid Of All Personal Belongings:

When transporting your car through carrying trucks, always remember to remove any items that can dislodge easily. Take away everything inside the vehicle, including the cans of air freshener, spare change, and the small toys that your child left inside the car. These items may roll around all over the trunk or all over the seats. As a result, it may cause minor to significant damages to the interior of the vehicle. Remove all the liquids left inside that can freeze in cold climates. These may eventually explode and leave a massive mess inside the car.

List down All Existing Damages:

Before any vehicle transporting companies take away your car, make sure that all the preexisting dents and damages in your vehicle are all accounted for. Take clean pictures of the car from multiple angles, so you have actual proof of the vehicle’s condition before it goes inside the carrying truck. While auto transport services ensure their clients that they will take care of their cars, accidents may still happen. The risk of unexpected circumstances on the road also increases during the winter. So, keep a record of the pre existing damages so you can call out your auto transport service company once you notice a new dent.

Inspect the Wiper Blades And Windshield Washer:

When transporting your car to a different location during the winter, check how cold your destination is to know the lowest freezing point. If the temperature in the area drops below the freezing point, your windshield and wipers may freeze. So make it a point to replace the washer fluid with a variant that can tolerate a low freezing point. It will allow you to avoid having a frozen car windshield once it arrives in your chosen location. Choose an antifreeze washer fluid with -20°F, -27°F, -40°F, to -50°F freezing point to do the job.


Look For Enclosed Car Transport Services:

Nissan Plows Into Winter with 2018 Nissan Titan XD Snow Plow Package
If your destination passes through different areas that tend to have a thick snowfall or unforgiving winter weather, consider looking for vehicle transporting companies that offer enclosed car services. It will keep your car protected from all the harsh weather elements. It means that snow or road salt will not bother your vehicle during the transfer.

Transporting your vehicle during the winter may have a lot of challenges. Because of this, you need to exert more efforts to help the auto transport company carry your car safely towards your destination. Expect to experience a little delay in the delivery schedule because of unforeseen weather conditions. But rest assured that your vehicle will reach your destination in the best condition.


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