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Hennessey teased its Goliath package for both the Chevrolet Silverado and the GMC Sierra in a Facebook package late last year, but now we have a full suite of images as well as more details on some of the packages and options that can transform the Goliath from a mere plaything, to a borderline insane pickup.

In this particular instance, it all starts with a GMC Denali donor truck which in itself is already a pricey acquisition with a starting price of $54,700 before destination and fees are factored into the equation. Before we get into the broader aspects of the Goliath, we might as well get into the heart of the matter which lurks underneath the hood. The Goliath is powered by a 6.2 liter V8, but Hennessey pairs it with a massive 2.9 liter supercharger. While it’s tuned to only produce a modest 6 pounds of boost, it is enough to work with the upgraded camshafts, pushrods, induction and software tune to produce a massive 700 horsepower. This allows the four wheel drive to truck to blitz its way to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds.

But the engine is only one part of the story with the Goliath also offering several upgrades and features to truly make it stand tall above others in its rarified segment. This includes the Goliath Off-Road Stage 1 kit that helps maintain a high level of performance when the Goliath leaves the pavement. A six inch lift helps maximize ground clearance while 35-inch off-road tires help provide a distinctive look and better grip especially in muddier sections of terrain. Custom 20-inch Hennessey are also part of the package and a custom front bumper features Goliath branding and an integrated lightbar. A custom graphics package enhances the exclusive badging already on the truck, and it serves as a tasteful way of rounding out the package.

But what if your a customer that craves more out of your Goliath purchase? Hennessey has you covered here too, and has unleashed a wide range of accessories and options for the Goliath. Among some of the highlights are diamond stitched leather seats, Brembo brakes, a cat-back exhaust upgrade, goliath hood and rear bumper, as well as a power retractable bed cover.

Naturally all of these upgrades do require a steep price to be paid, and that rears its head when you look at the extensive options list. The top dollar item here is the performance upgrade for the engine which costs a whopping $26,950 to be installed, but the off-road package is not far behind with its $14,950 sticker. Add these two packages together with the remaining options, and you are looking at an additional $74,850 which is the same price as a fully optioned Ford F-150 Raptor. Add in the donor truck, and you are easily looking at a rig that can transcend the $100,000 barrier.


“The demand for upgrading luxury pickups is at an all-time high,” said company founder John Hennessey. “A serious truck should have serious power and the Goliath 700 delivers on this mantra. We’re offering a complete turnkey power package with a warranty that delivers an exciting driving experience both on and off-road.”


While the price tag can grow as tall as a mountain when fully tricked out, there is no denying that the Goliath is a very potent custom effort for those that want premium luxury baked into a functional and performance packed package. We have included a brief video of the Goliath in action which can be seen below.



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