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Ford’s upcoming Bronco SUV cannot come soon enough, but if your looking to still partake in a new Ford off-roader, and you are willing to make the trek to Brazil, Ford and Troller have an interesting alternative for you.

Dubbed the Troller T4, this pint-sized utility has been on sale in the South American country for several decades, with Ford purchasing the original Troller company back in 2007. Our attention of course is centered on the newest variant of the Troller, the TX4. Based on the existing T4, the “X” moniker is more than just for show, with Ford engineers adding some off-road spice to back up its ruggedness. This includes goodies such as a standard front mounted snorkel air intake, side steps, steel bumpers, LED lights, and Pirelli Scorpion MTR 245/70R17 tires.

The Troller TX4 comes with a Navy Blue hued front end, but oddly enough, the rest of the body can be painted seperately, with Trancoso Brown, Maragogi Green, and Frosted Silver all being available. Meanwhile, the interior gets in on the tough truck act, and offers buyers a very functional but equipment focused cabin that includes dual zone climate control, a 6.75 inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capabilities, as well as orange accents for the panels, seat sitching, and air vents. The TX4 even comes with a standard panel to help mount off-road hardware and gear easier.


But remember how we mentioned that the Troller TX4 was packing some potent heat underneath its flanks? The little SUV does not disappoint in this endeavor  with the model being powered by a 3.2 liter five cylinder turbodiesel that is good for a healthy 200 horsepower with the power being sent to all fou wheels through a six speed automatic as well as a two speed transfer case for more extreme adventures. A center locking differential also joins the party for more off-road prowess. These features were extensively tested by Ford’s Brazil division, with the firm taking the Troller TX4 prototypes all over the country on some of the harshest roads imaginable.


Pricing for the Troller TX4 automatic starts at 167,530 Brazilian Real which translates to about $39,436 at current exchange rates. While the Troller’s odds of coming to the U.S. are quite slim, it does provide a good glimpse into Ford’s international busines, and it’s also a very potent appetizer to the main course labeled Bronco ala Mode.


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