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Bentley is cashing in big on the runaway success of its first ever SUV offering, the Bentayga. With Bentley engineers already making a number of performance related upgrades to the ritzy SUV, Bentley designers have taken center stage this time around, and have unveiled an all new run of special edition models aimed at jazzing up the Bentayga’s slick styling.

Dubbed the V8 Design Series, the new models are based on the V8 powered version of the Bentayga, with each model in the series boasting unique upgrades to the exterior and interior styling. For instance, special color combinations are a big focal point here, along with numerous exterior and interior upgrades from Mulliner, the same in house tuner that has also waved its magical wand of customization wonder on other models in the Bentley lineup. The tweaks begin with a body colored lower front apron that is paired with a gloss black exhaust system to help produce a monochromatic styling theme. The new look looks particularly menacing in certain color combinations, especially in the flat black that is featured in some of Bentley’s press photos. Our favorite feature though has to be the Mulliner Designer Series Paragon seven spoke wheels. The bespoke wheels are treated to a dark metallic gray finish, and are of course, adorned with Bentley’s self leveling center caps for an extra degree of cool.

The interior of the Bentayga takes a more subtle approach to its upgrades, but Bentley buyers will still find plenty of customization options here in its posh cabin. Buyers can choose from four different Duotone color schemes (red, orange, white or blue,) as well as accent colors which are both available for the first time ever on the Bentayga as part of the Design Series. A brand new carbon fiber weave for the dashboard is also part of the Design Series magic, and subtle badging scattered throughout helps indicate to passersby that this is no ordinary breed of Bentayga (which is already a very loaded beast even in standard guise.)


Bentley has not formally announced pricing for the Design Series, but look for the suite of upgrades to add a hefty premium to the already quarter of a million dollar price tag wielded by the standard Bentayga, and buyers looking to add more cylinders to their purchase will have to skip out on the Design Series treatment for now. However, look for this to perhaps change in the future, given Bentley’s history of catering to its client base, as well as just how influential some of these buyers are. Overall availability was also not made public, but we suspect that Bentley will open up ordering shortly after the Design Series makes its official debut at a future auto show.


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