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Rumored Hummer EV Reboot Could Be Announced In Super Bowl LIV Commercial


Could the demise of Hummer be largely exaggerated? The brand was an early casualty of GM’s bankruptcy back in 2009, but rumors have swirled for months that Hummer could be revived and repurposed as an EV model. GM for its part has so far not commented on the validity of these rumors, a report released by The Wall Street Journal appears to not only confirm that this is happening, but that confirmation could come as early as Super Bowl LIV.


According to WSJ, GM will have a Super Bowl ad campaign that will include NBA star Lebron James. As expected, no details of this alleged arraignment have been released by either party, but with the cost of an average Super Bowl commercial roughly about $5 million dollars these days, it would seem that GM is very keen on making a very big splash with Hummer especially considering the money charged by Lebron to play spokesman. The report also supports previous rumors that Hummer will initially offer an EV pickup, but for the moment the EV pickup would be the only Hummer offering, with the model being part of the GMC lineup. This does go against prior rumors that suggested Hummer would offer a wide range of electric SUVs that would be sold through the company’s existing dealer network, versus building standalone Hummer stores.

Manufacturing of the new models is rumored to be happening at GM’s Detroit Hamtramck plant which would be retooled as part of a $3 billion dollar initiative to make it ready to produce electric trucks, vans, and the batteries that would be powering them. That last item is not a rumor, and was revealed to be part of the agreement that GM reached with the UAW last October. That agreement saved the plant, and also helped bring production of the Silverado EV to the facility.


As mentioned earlier, GM has not issued formal commentary on the report, but with the Super Bowl taking place in a few weeks on February 2nd, we will not have to wait very long to find out the truth, and see if WSJ’s report is accurate or not.


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