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Shelby American might be known more for the wild Mustangs that slither their way out of the firm’s Las Vegas factory, but the iconic performance tuner is also known for working its magic on pickup trucks too. Following the positive reception that the Shelby F-150 Super Snake Concept received at its SEMA debut, the firm has revealed that it is putting the truck into official production.

The catch here is that production will be extremely limited, with Shelby American revealing that only 250 of the 2020 model year trucks will be available here in the U.S. with the rest of the world being able to purchase an equally limited number from participating Shelby distributors and mod shops. Buyers and members of the general public will get their first glimpse of the truck when it makes its way to the Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.

When the Shelby F-150 Super Snake Sport eventually makes its way onto dealer lots, buyers will be able to choose from naturally aspirated or supercharged models, with four wheel drive being standard issue across the board. Shelby revealed that when it tested the truck during its development period, it managed to make the sprint to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds before reaching 100 mph in 8.3 seconds. This is very impressive for an F-150, and has also allowed it to be the fastest pickup that buyers can currently purchase here in the U.S.

“The Shelby F-150 Super Snake Sport was initially an R&D exercise to build a street legal truck that could deliver blistering performance,” said Gary Patterson, president of Shelby American. “The reactions from enthusiasts, the media and Shelby dealers were amazing. In fact, they petitioned us very hard to put it into production. Our team fast tracked the development process and we’ll begin manufacturing the super trucks in Las Vegas during the first quarter of 2020.”

But while the performance figures are impressive in their own right, it would all not be possible without many of the upgrades that Shelby tuners have made to the truck. Unlike the regular F-150, the Shelby version uses a lowered suspension to help it hug the road better as well as make it a more suitable dance partner for weekend track work (if you must.) The headline stealer here is what lurks under the hood, with Shelby engineers using a highly modified version of the F-150’s 5.0 liter V8 that makes up to 770 horsepower when equipped in its supercharged form (naturally aspirated models make noticeably less oomph.)

A custom exhaust system helps deliver a much more forceful and authoritative soundtrack to drivers, while beefier brakes help provide the stopping power needed to bring the truck down from a wide range of speeds. A slick set of custom wheels rounds out the package, and helps give the Super Snake Sport a very distinctive profile when out on the open road. This is enhanced further by some of the aerodynamic enhancements that have been fitted to the truck to help it look tough and cheat the air better (a solid combination.)

The interior shares a lot of its core DNA with the slick and modern motif that defines mainstream F-150s, but Shelby designers have added a number of distinct trim pieces, model exclusive seats, and what the firm calls “Shelby amenities thrown in to really drive home the point of just how special this particular model is.

“While we’re most recognized for Shelby Cobras and Shelby Super Snake Mustangs, Shelby American pioneered performance trucks over thirty years ago,” said Vince LaViolette, Shelby American Vice President of Operations and Chief of R&D. “Fast forward to 2019 and our four-door trucks are showing our stripes on roads worldwide. But we were missing a hot rod two-door that could dust the competition. The 2020 Shelby F-150 Super Snake Sport is lightning fast, wicked fun to drive and has the track styling that Shelby fans crave.”


Pricing for the 2020 F-150 Shelby Super Snake will largely depend on what type of engine you choose to put in the truck. Buyers that go for the naturally aspirated version will be given a base price of $86,085 before options and fees, but be rewarded with a truck that not only boldly looks the part, but can also deliver a very impressive range of performance at the same time.

Meanwhile, for those that go all in and opt for the 770 horsepower supercharged V8, the price goes up accordingly with base models starting at $93,385. Both of these figures also do not include the cost of the well equipped donor truck that is needed to formally jump start the conversion process. The duo also comes with a bundled 3 year/36,000 mile warranty to help maintain a high degree of confidence and security in the event the truck needs repairs. The trucks themselves will begin production and distribution early next year, with the company directing interested customers to this link to find a participating shop or dealership near them.





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