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Jaguar has so far not officially revealed whether it plans to add some extra zest to the I-Pace or not, but it appears that the folks at Lister are not planning to sit idly by and wait for that to happen, with the tuning firm formally unveiling the Lister SUV-E performance EV. Lister has a long history of upgrading various Jaguar models, but it appears that the firm is willing to enter the EV segment to take its mad scientist ambitions to a greener future.

The exterior styling of the SUV-E shares its basic DNA with the fore-mentioned-Jaguar, but Lister designers have adorned the exterior styling with a stylish coat of dark green paint that is nicely contrasted with yellow trim pieces. Lister also incorporated a massive infusion of carbon fiber to the SUV-E, with the hood, front bumper, splitter, rear bumper, rear spoiler, and even the rear splitter all being made out of the lightweight material. Carbon ceramic brakes and even titanium wheels greatly lower the curb weight of the SUV-E further, with the 220 lbs of freed weight helping the EV to weigh in at a slightly lighter 4,482 lbs. It’s heavy, but as they say, every little bit helps.

In an unusual statement, Lister claims that the SUV-E has a “more aggressive exhaust note” than the normally silent I-Pace. We suspect that they are referring to the futuristic noises than emanate from the I-Pace when it is pushed hard, with Lister possibly finding a way to either amplify the noise or pumping more of it into the cabin. A fully adjustable suspension is also part of the package, and that allows the SUV-E to be even lower than a standard I-Pace. Lister also claimed that the SUV-E will make the sprint to 60 mph in four seconds, which could indicate that Lister has modified select components of the electric powertrain.


All of these changes will come with a price however, with Lister revealing that the base price of the SUV-E will begin at £165,000 which translates to a whopping $161,025 in U.S. dollars. This is a massive chunk of change, but Lister revealed that the firm only intends to produce a limited run of units, and will only do so if there is actual customer interest.


Based on what we see here, we suspect that Lister will not have to worry about consumer interest since we are confident that there will be an eager pool of Jaguar enthusiasts that will be more than happy to give this upgraded feline a place in their collection.


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