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Heavily Armored Inkas Sentry Civilian Unveiled, Can Repel Blast From Hand Grenade [Video]


Inkas is no stranger when it comes to building heavily armored vehicles, with the company’s Sentry model being built on the bones of a Ford F-550 Super Duty and featuring enough armor to withstand virtually anything that is thrown at it. However, the Sentry is not exactly the most accessible offering in the world, and Inkas has decided to rectify this with the unveiling of the all new Sentry Civilian variant.

The Civilian version doesn’t look that different from the standard Sentry, with power still coming from a 6.7 liter Powerstroke turbodiesel V8 that brings 330 horsepower to whatever situation you find yourself in. A 10-speed automatic helps channel all this power to all four wheels, and Inkas has even upgraded the F-550’s already potent platform by adding a heavy duty suspension, beefier brakes, and reinforced mechanical components to help it withstand the stress of hauling the Sentry’s potent curb weight around.

The Sentry Civilian has BR6 grade armor which means that the rig can endure hit from assault rifle rounds containing up to 7x62X51 mm of lead (that’s serious firepower folks.) In addition to its ability to stop many kinds of bullets, the Sentry Civilian can also protect its occupants from a blast that is equivalent to the same forces generated by two German army issue DM51 hand grenades, though we suspect this also extends to hand grenades wielded by other global forces including the U.S. Army. An air purifier system also helps keeps the air for passengers clean and free from contaminants.

The rest of the exterior styling looks like it was plucked straight from an urban combat zone, with the Sentry Civilian boasting a very boxy motif that features a whole host of chiseled angles especially in places where we would normally expect to find curves. The heavily armored doors are very heavy pieces to operate manually, but Inkas was kind enough to make these pieces powered to help make entry and exit easier for occupants. This small dollup of luxury also highlights the civilian clientele that the Civilian is targeting since the regular Sentry does not come with such accommodations.


Meanwhile, the interior really drives home the luxury laden point, with the cabin literally oozing with luxury amenities to appease even the wealthiest of businessmen. The cabin has room for up to six people, with two in the front, and the remaining four passengers being housed in the rear of this beast. Heated and cooled captains chairs are standard for all occupants, and they even come with bundled massage functionality. A partition can be fitted between the front and rear seats, and it can even double as a gigantic entertainment screen for those looking to watch movies or stream content from their mobile devices. Buyers can even choose from three different voice assistants, with Google, Amazon, and even Apple systems all being available as optional extras. Along with this slice of glamour, the Sentry Civilian also boasts more combat ready options such as night vision systems, a 60 degree camera system, and even military grade protection from chemical weapons.


Inkas does not have formal pricing listed for the Sentry Civilian, but with the sheer amount of protection, luxury, and capability baked into the design expect a hefty checkbook to be one of the pre-requisites for successfully buying a Sentry Civilian for your garage. In the meantime, Inkas has released a brief video highlighting the model which can be seen below.




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