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EarthRoamer Showcases Carbon Fiber Infused LTi Expedition Vehicle


Are you an adventurer that is looking for the ultimate rig for your overlanding needs? If you have a budget as big as the Rockies, and a driveway bigger than the mightiest stream, then the folks at EarthRoamer have just the thing for you with their wildest offering yet.


Dubbed the LTi, this massive beast is based on a Ford F-550 truck, and this latest build is designed to be the perfect combination of technology, trail capability, and the best of what you can get in off the grid camping. With its Super Duty roots, the LTi is no lightweight, but EarthRoamer still managed to find ways of massively improving this monster for the rigors of duty. The shell of the LTi for instance is made entirely out of carbon fiber which not only helps reduce weight, but also radically enhances the strength of the whole rig at the same time.

The lower weight also allows the LTi to boast wickedly impressive capacities with the rig featuring a 100 gallon freshwater tank with 60 of those gallons being dedicated to grey water. An equally massive 95 gallon fuel tank supplies diesel to the 6.7 liter Powerstroke V8 lurking under the hood. In an unusual move, EarthRoamer chose to not equip the LTi with either onboard propane or even an onboard generator. Instead, the whole roof is filled with solar panels which can generate 1,320 watts of power, and an 11,000 watt hour lithium ion battery pack to help run everything inside the camper.

But don’t be fooled by the LTi’s brutish functional cover, there is a whole lot of luxury baked into its flanks. The whole rig can be made to order, and offers multiple seating arraingments with the interior being able to house up to six people, and sleeping quarters for four. Regardless of which layout you choose, you will be greeted by a full kitchen and bathroom along with sofas, a reconfigurable dining area, over the cab bunk, and impressive levels of interior and exterior storage.


However, with all of this luxury and capability, there is also a hefty price to pay, with each LTi having a base price of $590,000. Each LTi is hand assembled at the company’s headquarters in Dacono, Colorado but it appears that neither the high entry fee nor the long build times are deterring folks, with EarthRoamer reps revealing that there is currently an eight month wait list from order to delivery for one of these bespoke vehicles.


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