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Z1 Off-Road is a recently announced off-shoot of Z1 Motorsports, with both firms specializing in the tuning and creation of custom Nissan models. Z1 Motorsport execs were committed to creating a wild concept that would help formally launch the Z1 Off-Road division, and it has managed to create such a beast that aims to maximize the Titan’s cargo hauling capabilities and even transforms it into a new dually form.

At first glance, the dually concept looks like it could have been made in the factory, with the exterior styling being extensively modified to help it accommodate the bigger tires that are part of the modifications. But before we get into the changes that took place at the rear of the truck, we might as well take some time to highlight the tweaks the rest of the truck has received. The front bumper for example has been replaced with a much beefier unit that includes an incorporated light bar, while bigger wheel flares front and rear allows the truck to successfully adopt the bigger tires that Z1 Motorsports equipped to it. Smoked taillights are also a part of the package, and Z1 artisans adorned the truck with a slick two tone paint scheme that incorporates a bold Black Metallic paint, as well as a Nismo Grey hue for much needed contrast.

But the real story is found at the rear of the truck, where the factory rear axle was extensively modified to accommodate the transformation into a dually. This was achieved by removing the cargo bed which allowed Z1 to overhaul the rear end to truly accelerate the transformation. The work included relocating the rear leaf springs to help ease the fitment of the bigger tires, as well as beefing up key components to help them be able to cope with the additional stresses that a dually layout brings to the equation. An updated powertrain is also part of the project, and includes an AFE intake, as well as a Mishimoto sourced exhaust system to help the Titan breathe more freely, and to also produce a bold soundtrack when the truck is tasked with vigorous acceleration. Z1 even added its special engine calibration software to help the truck make full use of its newly bestowed abilities.

To help the dually retain a solid degree of off-road capability, Z1 installed a three inch suspension lift, as well as a set of 19.5-inch wheels with meaty 33-inch Toyo M920 tires. Beefed up eight bolt axles can endure the punishment, and they do a great job of making the dual rear wheels look sharp and flashy. Z1 Motorsports also chose a rather unusual name for their creation with reps proudly calling the project “Butch Johnson”. We are admittedly still scratching our heads on that one, but there’s no denying that “Butch Johnson” is quite a truck.


Like all of Nissan’s other SEMA concepts, the Titan dually is currently a one-off concept, with the company not confirming whether it plans to formally introduce a production version or not. If Nissan does indeed decide to take the plunge and produce a dually model, it would be a barrier shattering model not only for Nissan, but also the broader segment, with Nissan and Toyota currently absent from an offshoot of the truck segment that has long been dominated by the Detroit Big 3. It would be interesting to see how a dually version of the Titan would fare in the marketplace if one is indeed green lighted for production, especially if it brings some new pressure and competition to the heavy duty kings that dominate the sales charts. In the meantime, Z1 Off-Road has also released a video highlighting the entire build process which can be seen below.



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