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Electric vehicles have made great advancements in recent years when it comes to range, power, and styling, but according to Ford’s research, a good deal of the buying public still does not trust EVs in inclement weather, and that they are not fun enough to drive when the road gets twisty. The Blue Oval has released new images of the upcoming BEV testing, as well as the first two videos of an all new campaign aimed at further dispelling the “myths” of EVs.

The videos themselves were shot during Ford’s winter testing of the upcoming BEV, and while the testers themselves are still bundled up in extensive camouflage, some details do peel out from under the covers that certainly strikes our attention. While the SUV is supposed to take styling inspiration from the Mustang, the exterior camo thwarts our efforts at scrutinizing it. Instead, it’s the interior where our first glimpses occur, with the steering wheel having satellite controls, and it appears to have a design that can easily be coddled in the hands. The infotainment system is still very cobbled together at this point, but it appears that it will have a similar setup to what is already seen in the 2020 Ford Explorer, hinting that some of its parts could make the transition over to the new EV model. Two prominent knobs in the lower stack are very similar to the Mustang, and it’s clear that a lot of the Mustang’s interior DNA is being carefully baked into this model.

But back to Ford’s research, with the company claiming that only 19 percent of U.S. buyers would trust an EV to handle bad weather, while 28 percent would use an EV in the event of an emergency. Curiously, despite some companies (including Tesla) producing models that can boast about having good amounts of electrified performance, only a scant 18 percent of buyers think that an EV vehicle is faster than a conventional gasoline powered vehicle.

While Ford’s attempts at winning over the broader buying public are interesting to say the least, the highlight here is having an opportunity to see the prototype SUVs sliding around on a snowy track when they are not being tasked with the more grueling elements of winter testing. The second clip shows the prototype carving some corners at a race track, and while it will be interesting to see if the EV can indeed be a fun weekend warrior or not? One of Ford’s test drivers does claim “I don’t think anyone is expecting an electric vehicle that will be this good to drive,” towards the end of the video. This could indicate that it could at least have some form of confidence when tasked with being pushed hard into corners.


According to Ford’s current product planning, the Mustang infused EV is rumored to possibly arrive in 2020, and is supposed to represent Ford’s opening shot in its EV focused barrage. This is especially apparent when the F-150 EV makes its way to showrooms the following year, and then a pair of EV CUVs making their respective debuts in 2022. On the more immediate front, we are hoping to eventually hear word on the final moniker for this model soon. While the Mach 1 nameplate was viciously shot down by Mustang loyalists some time ago, we suspect that the rumored Mach E nameplate could stick as the final choice, since it would not only cement the model’s connection with the Mustang, but also amplify its green intentions at the same time. We have also included both clips which can be seen below.





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