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The 2020 Frankfurt Motor Show is fast approaching, and that means automakers are rapidly increasing the scope of their respective teaser campaigns. This includes Land Rover, who has released an all new teaser video that highlights the off-road capabilities of the upcoming Defender, while also confirming the return of the rear mounted spare tire.


In this particular footage, the rear end of a naked Defender tester is seen as the prototype undergoes rigorous off-road testing at an undisclosed location. Our attempts at picking out key details were thwarted due to the zoomed in nature of the video, but it does confirm that the Defender will offer a rear mounted spare tire. It’s unknown if this is standard across the board, or if the tire will be universally fitted to all Defender models, but this retro inspired touch is a welcome tribute to older Defender 90 and 110s that displayed it like a badge of honor when out trekking in the wilderness, or in the parking lot of the local shopping center.

Meanwhile, other details have slowly emerged prior to this new video, with some sources claiming that the Defender will come with the choice of either a standard coil spring layout or an optional air suspension setup. The air suspension itself will have temperature monitoring software in the dampers that will help protect the vehicle from extreme temperatures. Land Rover engineers have also extensively strengthened the Defender with the addition of tougher sub frame assemblies, as well as accompanying reinforcements that are scattered throughout the SUV. For buyers that like to have more style in their ride, it is reported that 18-inch wheels will be standard issue, with the option to up-size to impressive 22-inch wheels for those that believe bigger is indeed better.


More details are expected to be revealed at the Defender’s unveiling in Frankfurt on September 10th. We are hoping to hear more on the final engine lineup, as well as the full suite of off-road focused goodies that are expected to be lumped into the Defender. As for the exterior styling, while the bulk of it has remained shrouded from view, the front fascia was recently leaked by Instagram user shedlocktwothousand which we have included the link to here.




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