Home News FCA Recalls 2019 Ram 1500 For Potential Steering Fault

FCA Recalls 2019 Ram 1500 For Potential Steering Fault


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is recalling 160,000 2019 Ram 1500 pickups for a potential steering fault. Specifically, the automaker said the defective part is a battery ground circuit fastener. The faulty fastener may cause a loss of power steering.

The faulty part was discovered after an internal investigation prompted by customer complaints of a loss of power steering. According to FCA, a third of affected models have not been sold and are still on dealership lots.

Ram engineers found that the battery-ground circuit fastener had the potential to become loose enough to create an intermittent open circuit, which would temporarily cut power steering while driving.

Of course, without power steering, a potential for a crash skyrockets, as it increases potential for over- and under-steer. However, FCA is not aware of any crashes or injuries related to this fault.

Affected models were sold outside the U.S., including in Canada and Mexico.

FCA officials did not give any timetable for when it will alert owners or when the recall will begin.


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