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Shell ROTELLA T5 Ultra 10W-30 Approved for Ford Diesel Engines


Shell ROTELLA T5 Ultra 10W-30 Approved for Ford Diesel EnginesShell Lubricants has introduced Shell ROTELLA® T5 Ultra 10W-30 synthetic blend which meets the API FA-4 service category for 2017 (and beyond) diesel engines. The low viscosity oil has been formulated to provide better fuel economy, improved high and low temperature performance and meets the requirements for many low emissions engines built beginning in 2017.

“Shell ROTELLA® T5 Ultra 10W-30 synthetic blend is designed for next-generation on-road diesel engines to help maximize fuel economy without sacrificing engine protection,” said Megan Pino, Shell ROTELLA® global brand manager. “It is designed to provide protection that adapts to driving conditions and is formulated to minimize oil consumption and protect exhaust catalysts and particulate filters.”

Backed by extensive testing, Shell ROTELLA® T5 Ultra 10W-30 is designed for engines requiring an FA-4 engine oil. This heavy duty engine oil has been enhanced with synthetic base oils plus advanced additive technology to provide protection against wear, deposits and oil breakdown. The oil also offers improved fuel economy performance versus a conventional SAE 15W-40. The fuel economy benefits from Shell ROTELLA®T5 Ultra 10W-30 help reduce CO2 emissions.

The exclusive low ash formulation in Shell ROTELLA® T5 Ultra 10W-30 helps protect the exhaust catalysts and particulate filters found on 2017 on-highway low emission vehicles.  It is suitable for use in on-highway engines requiring an API FA-4 diesel oil.  Some manufacturers are allowing limited backwards compatibility to previous generation engines in addition to current GHG 2017 engines. FA-4 oils were designed for low CO2 emissions engines. Please refer to OEM manuals to verify oil requirement for each vehicle.

Triple Protection Plus™

Shell ROTELLA® T5 Ultra 10W-30 engine oil contains Triple Protection Plus™ technology which is the unique combination of advanced additive technology and synthetic base oils. Triple Protection Plus™ represents protection against wear, deposits, oil breakdown plus better fuel economy performance. This unique combination helps to deliver excellent equipment protection, long engine life and maintain viscosity control under high temperatures.

Fuel Economy Benefit

Shell ROTELLA® T5 Ultra 10W-30 will provide a fuel economy benefit due to its low-HTHS (high temperature-high shear) viscosity. Low HTHS oils are designed to provide fuel economy above and beyond current CJ-4 and CK-4 oils through the use of thinner viscosity fluids.

Maintenance Savings

The use of synthetic base oil components and low-HTHS viscosity design provides Shell ROTELLA® T5 Ultra 10W-30 with the capability to improve cold starting and reduce fuel consumption, to help deliver savings, without compromising engine protection or durability.

Helps minimize/control oil consumption

Shell ROTELLA® T5 Ultra 10W-30 has been formulated to minimize and control oil consumption and help reduce the need for oil top off.

Resistance to high temperature breakdown

The advanced formulation delivers improved oxidation performance relative to CJ-4 quality oils, providing increased resistance to breakdown under high temperatures.

Specifications and Approvals

Shell ROTELLA® T5 Ultra 10W-30 meets a number of specifications: API FA-4, Cummins CES 20087, Detroit Diesel Fluid Specification (DFS) 93K223, JASO DH-2and Daimler MB-Approval 228.61.

Shell Rotella Portfolio of CK-4 & FA-4 Oils

Shell ROTELLA® T5 Ultra oil joins Shell ROTELLA® T4 Triple Protection 15W-40 and 10W-30, Shell ROTELLA® T5 10W-30 Synthetic Blend and Shell ROTELLA® T6 Multi-Vehicle 5W-30 as part of the ShellROTELLA® portfolio of oils. They have been developed by the makers of the No. 1 selling diesel engine oil to meet the API CK-4 and FA-4 performance categories for diesel engine oil which were first licensable on December 1, 2016. API CK-4 oils replaced API CJ-4 oils and are completely backwards compatible with all engines built before the 2017 model year. They are designed with improved high temperature oxidation resistance, shear stability and aeration control compared to previous API categories. Shell Lubricants has also developed a full-synthetic FA-4 oil which will be launched when the market need arises.

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