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Global Kia EV5 revealed: 5 things to know

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Kia just revealed the global version of the EV5, which will go on sale later in 2023. However, this global Kia EV5 is initially only for the Chinese market. However, we know another EV SUV from the automaker will be revealed for the U.S. soon, and this is the likely candidate.

While we don’t have details like range, pricing or specs just yet, we do have a few key bits of information. So, here’s what we know so far.

It actually looks like the concept

Let’s clarify: It looks like the concept on the outside. Kia did a good job of maintaining the upright stance and lighting signatures from the concept. It looks bold and flashy – and a bit like a mini Kia EV9. The interior, however, is a completely different story. Instead of a futuristic interior with swivel seats and a weird octagonal steering wheel, it has more realistic design elements – again, with a hint of EV9. Some familiar features include the column shifter, single screen that floats from driver display to infotainment and a floating console.

It’s a compact SUV

Though we don’t have the dimensions yet, the Kia EV5 is slated to be a compact SUV. This means it will be a five-seat SUV. If you’re trying to imagine what a compact SUV looks like, think Toyota RAV4, Ford Escape or Honda HR-V. Whatever the size, with a name like EV5, we assume it will be at least marginally smaller than the Kia EV6.

Mood lighting

In addition to ambient lighting, which will come with a total of 64 color options, the Kia EV5 will have “mood lighting.” Essentially, that means the ambient lighting will be synchronized with the drive modes, dims in low-light conditions and can alert the driver if they go over the speed limit.

Kia EV5

Wireless Apple CarPlay?

Since it appears the Kia EV5 gets the same three-screen system we see in the EV9, it’s safe to assume it will get the next-gen operating system. This means wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Hallelujah and it’s about damn time.

Next-gen connected nav

The new generation of connected car Navigation and Cockpit (ccNC) made its debut in the EV9, and that means it will get the most-up-to-date nav system. When you program in your destination, the vehicle will do all your range calculations for you, factoring in charging stations if necessary and then pre-conditioning the battery so it will charge optimally when you arrive.

The bottom line

We know zero, zip, nada about an American spec model, but it makes sense that we would get it since the compact SUV segment is essentially replacing the car segment in the U.S. We also have very little real data about the Kia EV5, but the press release states we’ll see further details in October at the Kia EV Day in October. Thus, I’d lay a bet we’ll learn if we get this EV5 in the U.S. in November – just in time for the LA Auto Show.

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