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5 reasons to buy an electric pickup truck

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If you are still feeling pain at the pump, and are thinking about going electric, the main question you should be asking yourself right now is: What are you waiting for?!

You’ve read all about the advantages of going EV but are still a bit worried about some of the issues people are having. But fear not. Things are changing rapidly, and automotive manufacturers are fully aware that the days of petroleum are numbered.

Electric offerings are primed and ready for E-Day. A time when everybody is going to have to abandon gas and go EV, which as a pickup truck enthusiast, thinking about the following five things is vitally important.

Are electric pickups even worth it?

Sure they are. Granted, most of the EVs we see around the place are luxury or commuter car-oriented, but it is this technology that has spawned the modern EV pickup. And while the widespread use of electric trucks is still a good way out, their ability to carry heavy loads and provide phenomenal amounts of torque is commendable.

Despite having painfully puny range ratings, modern EV trucks do show a lot of promise. When the Model T pickup was puttering around, it was the height of sophistication and technological innovation. Give electric pickups enough time, and they will shatter misconceptions and doubts alike.

The future of the modern EV pickup

Statistics on some of the most reliable full-sized trucks are little more than predictions at this point. A broad reduction in carbon emissions alone has been enough to persuade governments around the world that electricity is the way forward. The modern-day industrial revolution is nigh, and electrified vehicles are marching at the forefront.

How far can you go on a full charge?

The longest-range EVs can clock in around 250 miles on a single charge.

And while research and development continue on extending these figures from what was recorded back in 2022, one thing is very clear. Most people are not in the habit of driving 250 miles one way.

Instead, a ten-mile daily round of driving breaks down to about 25 days between fully charged and completely flat. From a business perspective, EVs can help to save money and run the fleet at optimal efficiency, especially when used in conjunction with fleet management software.

What about affordable charging points?

Charging stations are springing up all over the place, sometimes in unusual locations. But you can bet your monthly fuel budget that what are currently gas stations are eventually going to be EV charging stations or some combo of the two. The petroleum industry isn’t going to go down without a fight, it’s just going to adapt.

As for average fuel costs, it depends on where in the country you are, and the charging station you utilize. Fortunately, as with all technological advances, costs are going to come down over time.

Just like when computers were the size of microwave ovens and cost a fortune, now you can have one in your pocket for a few hundred bucks. Competition and common accessibility will drive prices down, it just might take some time.

How all of these things apply to vehicle fleets

Out of everyone, fleet owners are going to have the most adapting to do.

On the upside, they will also have the satisfaction of more efficient vehicles doing less damage to the planet and will likely make more money over time too. Just get a charging point installed on-premise, and say goodbye to engine maintenance woes and fuel pump prices!

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