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Will I receive more compensation if I hire a truck collision lawyer?

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When it comes to significant truck collision damage compensations in the U.S., it’s hard to top the $90 million settlement made toward the end of comedian Tracy Morgan’s lawsuit, or the $80 million payout for Joe Fred’s notoriously expensive court appearance. Both of which were handled by a highly experienced lawyer.

In fact, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration data shows that collisions that involve trucks and large commercial vehicles make up around 13% of all fatal crashes nationwide.

Unlike car crash settlements, truck collisions have convoluted laws surrounding them as well. This is precisely why If you’ve been involved in an accident, working with a truck accident lawyer may be a smart move to get the compensation you deserve.

Stakes are high

Truck crashes often result in severe injury, massive property destruction, and/or the untimely death of pedestrians and other drivers. Being that a fully loaded truck may weigh as much as 90,000 lbs., the sheer size and weight of these enormous vehicles are often to blame. This is why it makes sense to work with an attorney who can handle the case from A-Z, defend your rights and get you rightful compensation.

High medical bills

Head and brain injuries are an all too common occurrence in truck crashes. The U.S. National Library of Medicine data shows that head and brain injuries typically set victims back by up to $401,808 in in-hospital costs. Fractures are also common in these incidents, as well as burns, amputations, spinal cord injuries, tissue damage, etc. The result? A long and hefty medical bill that can be easily negated by an experienced attorney with the means to get the defendant or insurance company to pay for these medical bills prior to proceeding with the case.

Stringent legal principles

Due to the destructive nature of truck crashes and the high costs and damages involved, the defendant will most likely look for the most talented lawyer in the city to escape blame.

As the victim, it is your job to find the right lawyer that can defend your rights and get ample settlement compensation for the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of job or ability to work
  • Loss of consortium etc.

Nonetheless, getting colossal compensation requires loads of case hours. Researching and investigating, evidence gathering, gathering witness accounts and testimonials, and courtroom preparation are but a few of the tasks required.

An expert truck collision lawyer can help with all of these things and will work with the police and witnesses to prove negligence on the part of the defendant. All while working within the statute of limitations of the state and other legal principles concerning such cases so that your suit doesn’t get thrown out on a technicality.

Degree of liability

Comparative negligence is a legal doctrine that most states follow when determining damage compensation in a truck crash lawsuit. Here, the judge will rule on the amount of money you get based on the degree of negligence you contributed to the accident.

So, for example, if a truck driver hits a pedestrian and argues that the pedestrian was crossing the road at the wrong place, the judge may find that the pedestrian was 30% responsible for the accident. If they were to get $1000,000 in damage compensation, that amount would be reduced by 30% to $700,000.

However, if an attorney with courtroom experience can provide extensive evidence, witnesses, and inarguable legal principles to the table, the judge may find the pedestrian/plaintiff to have zero degrees of negligence. In this case, the plaintiff will receive the full amount of $1,000 000.

Evil insurance company tactics

Unfortunately, it’s never easy dealing with insurance companies, especially when you are the victim of a truck collision. When you file your claim, insurance companies will devise tactics to deny the defendant’s liability or their involvement as a policy provider. They do this to pay less or next to nothing.

These insurance companies may also deny the claim entirely because you didn’t complete the proper forms. This is why settlement negotiation is so important, as there is a large margin of error buried within all that paperwork. At this point they will try to slither their way out of any responsibility for damages received, thus leaving you with a big fat zero ($0).

The insurance people might also say that the policy doesn’t extend to the kind of collision that occurred or the injuries and damages sought. If they refuse to pay or offer to pay less based on this argument, the truck crash victim will surely leave huge sums on the table.

Another trick that is commonly used is early settlements that involve flimsy offers. The insurance people might pressure you into taking an earlier proposal to avoid paying larger sums later on when the case lands in front of a judge.

The amount offered is usually far less than what is required for injuries and suffering. And as soon as you accept and sign the offer, you have waived the right to reopen the case.

Experienced personal injury attorneys know how to deal with insurance companies and these malicious tricks. They will defend your rights using solid legal arguments and evidence to ensure that the insurance pays you in full.

In the end, the success of a truck collision lawsuit depends on how well you navigate the law in your state, gather evidence, and deal with insurance people. Experienced personal injury lawyers have run this gauntlet many times and can help you steer clear of situations or technicalities that can reduce your compensation and help get you back on your feet.

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