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Long road trip checklist

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Embarking on a long road trip can be a thrilling adventure, but to ensure a smooth and safe ride, it’s important to be well-prepared.

From packing snacks to stocking up on interior accessories and entertainment options, there are many things to consider when preparing for a long road trip. Whether you’re driving across the country, or just taking a weekend getaway, having a comprehensive checklist of what to pack can make all the difference.

To make the process easier for you, we’ve concocted a comprehensive road trip checklist. A cheat sheet that details what to pack so that your rig is ready for the long haul. So, let’s hit the highway and get ready for some adventure!

Road trip essentials for every ride

We start with the basics. Those useful items and accessories make a road trip as comfortable and safe as possible.

First of all, conducting a little research and checking different websites for car accessories online well in advance is never a bad move. There are many brands and stores that offer different products specifically for travel. Personally, we recommend checking out the Owleys accessories – they have great product lines for road trips with your family, kids, pets, and friends.

From there, you can begin preparing for a long road trip, adding essential items to your shopping cart as needed to make that journey as painless as possible.

Not sure what to get? Here are a few must-have items we suggest having in the vehicle at all times, especially when a road trip might be in the cards.

– First Aid Kit Obvious, but still important. Just check those contents before travel, because a poorly stocked first aid kit is just a waste of space.

– Car Organizers These help keep your vehicle clean and organized while on the road. Very useful to have, especially when traveling with a group of people.

– Seat Covers These products protect your vehicle’s upholstery from stains and spills during a long road trip. Plus, soft and padded covers can also provide extra comfort and support for your body.

– Reusable Car Trash Cans Keeping a reusable trash can in your truck or SUV helps keep it tidy, especially on long-distance trips when garbage accumulates over time. We recommend space-saving waterproof trash cans with locking lids to keep mess and aromas contained.

– Repair Tools Accidents can happen at any time. Having a full-size spare tire and jack on hand is essential for a quick fix, while jumper cables can be a lifesaver and allow you to jump-start your car in case the battery dies in the middle of nowhere.

– Chargers & Power Banks Nowadays, smartphones, tablets, and even watches help navigate routes and call for help. So take care of the charging side of the situation in advance so that you can remain in touch.

– Specialized Pet & Child Car Accessories If you have a child, you will likely need a certain style of safety seat or an organizer for storing toys, tablets, snacks, etc. Pets also require specialized care, so look for items like a seat protector, harnesses, and canine-friendly seat belts.

How should I pack my vehicle for a long road trip?

Packing for a long road trip can be challenging, especially if you have a lot of items you plan on bringing and/or a plethora of passengers. Maximizing space and making sure that everyone is comfortable while ensuring that everything is easily accessible is the name of the game.

One important factor to consider when packing though, is weight distribution. It’s crucial to evenly disperse the weight throughout the vehicle to avoid overloading one area and potentially affecting driving balance and handling. Heavier items should always be placed on the bottom and closer to the center of the vehicle, while lighter items can be placed on top or toward the back and sides.

Another key consideration when packing a vehicle for a long road trip is accessibility. Items that you need to access frequently, such as water, wet wipes, or food should be placed easily within reach. It’s also a good idea to pack the most crucial must-have essentials for the first day or two of a trip, as this will eliminate the need to dig through all of your luggage.

Finally, it’s important to smartly organize your cargo space. Use compact organizers like the ones that attach to the back of seats, as well as those trash cans we mentioned earlier. This way your on-the-road essentials and garbage won’t interfere with your comfort and take up too much space.

It might also be a good idea to arrange seating areas in such a way that each passenger can be most comfortable. For example, if someone is suffering from motion sickness, seat that person by a window, provide enough ventilation, and don’t forget to hand them one of those vomit bags you packed prior to the trip getting underway.

Can trucks and SUVs handle long road trips?

Most modern automobiles can handle long-distance road trips as long as they are properly maintained and equipped. However, it’s important to understand that not all vehicles are created equal, and some may be better suited for long road trips than others.

Before embarking on a long road trip, it’s essential to thoroughly check your vehicle’s condition and repair needs. This includes checking fluid levels, tire pressure, and brakes, as well as ensuring that all filters are clean. It’s also a good idea to have your vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic to identify any potential issues before hitting the road.

Another crucial factor to consider when planning a long-distance ride is the type of vehicle you’re driving. Larger, more spacious vehicles such as SUVs and vans tend to be more comfortable for long road trips, as they offer more legroom and storage space. Just note that gas mileage and fuel costs should remain a consideration with larger vehicles.

By packing these essential items, and choosing the right vehicle, you’ll be prepared for any situation that may arise on a lengthy road trip and ensure a successful voyage from start to finish. Safe and happy travels!

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