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Locks of Love: Show Dad You Care With BOLT Lock Security This Year

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When it comes to award-winning security hardware, it’s pretty tough to beat BOLT Locks. This is especially true when it comes to towing and trailer security. This is precisely why the Milwaukee-based brand is rolling out an entire incentive for Father’s Day this year.

It may sound silly to some, but handing Dad a set of really sturdy locks for the trailer hauling end of his truck or SUV makes for a really thoughtful gift, and for good reason. Trailers are crazy expensive, and typically so too are what they carry. So you know that your old man is going to appreciate your thoughtfulness when you give him the gift of security this year.

BOLT Locks’ patented “Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology” provides a convenient security option for protecting trailers, hitches, boats, generators, kayaks, and more, all while reducing key clutter on a keychain. For the specially crafted tumblers to memorize a vehicle’s ignition key the first time it is inserted into the lock, all it takes is one complete turn of the key to moving the tumblers into position to fit that specific key. This results in a uniquely programmed lock that can be used with a single key that matches any other security device from BOLT Locks. So in essence, say goodbye to the days of having to use different keys for each lock.

“BOLT Locks make a useful Father’s Day gift for anyone that values security and convenience. Whether they are an avid boater or off-roader, enjoy hunting or fishing, motorsports or use their vehicles to secure their work tools, BOLT Locks are a high-quality gift they will appreciate each and every day. With their one key, the ignition key, they can secure many different items.” —Jason Buckles, Sales Account Manager for BOLT Locks


Locks for every occasion

Currently, out of all of the products manufactured by BOLT Locks, it is its line of vehicle hitch Receiver Locks that really have dads going wild. Available in both a ½-inch receiver lock for Class 1 and 2 hitches and a 5/8-inch locking receiver configuration for Class 3, 4, and 5 hitches, these products lock the ball mount receiver onto the hitch of the vehicle. so say goodbye to stolen trailers!

Furthermore, those on your gift list who tow will benefit greatly from BOLT Lock’s Coupler Pin Lock and Trailer Coupler Lock. When combined, these two provide the same single-key locking convenience for the trailer itself, with the BOLT Coupler Pin Lock fitting couplers from ½-inch to 3 3/8-inches in 1/8-inch increments for a super snug fit. This eliminates any risk of lever movement, making locking a trailer ball that’s been hitched to a vehicle a cinch, as well as making the coupler unusable when off of the vehicle.

For additional unhitched trailer security measures, the Trailer Coupler Lock turns unattended trailers, this bold red BOLT device serves as a visible theft deterrent when placed on a trailer’s coupler and locked into place. That’s how widely known its security measures this brand has become.

Security beyond towing

Naturally, towing often involves tying down gear as well as securing miscellaneous objects. So giving Dad a set of cable locks and padlocks with the same single-key convenience and security as his trailer locking devices is never a bad idea when it comes to Father’s Day gifting. The cable lock from BOLT is particularly impressive, as it can secure things like kayaks to a roof rack or trailer, bicycles and motorcycles to a hauler, generators, spare tires, and a myriad of other items that demand protection during transport and/or storage. This multipurpose cable lock features a six-foot-long ¼-inch black vinyl-coated coiled cable for both appearances, protection, and industry-leading longevity.

And then there is BOLT Locks’ padlock, which Dad will find can also be used in multiple ways. Some of these include: Locking a cargo trailer door, securing a storage shed, locking a toolbox, or even securing a tackle box and rods. No matter what your father’s security needs might be, BOLT has a locking system that has him covered, all easily opened with something like his truck’s ignition key.

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