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Why an SUV is the best choice for a student

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College students face some seriously tough choices, and no, we’re not talking about deciding which semester is ideal for enrolling in intermural dodgeball.

We’re talking about selecting the ideal automobile, of which there tend to be a few common choices. Small cars, medium sedans, SUVs, trucks, or the ever-popular crossover CUV.

In this article, we will cover the reasons why the mighty SUV remains such a popular choice for students, and what that means for those looking to upgrade to one of these vehicles.

Additional storage

We start with one of the most obvious reasons why students love an SUV: Storage space. Such a bonus is especially helpful to students who have to move every other semester, as well as for when it comes time to haul some gear back home for the holidays. You can also add a roof rack or other types of cargo carriers if additional hauling space is deemed necessary.

An SUV is also a perfect vehicle for those with pets like large dog breeds, as their roomy interior makes for a very pet-friendly form of transportation.

Road trips

A college life without road trips is pretty bland. Students should be able to enjoy their long weekends and holidays by exploring. An SUV allows you to load all of your friends, along with their tents, bikes, and other necessities in the back or up on the roof.

Weather looking too rough for camping capers? You can always sleep in your SUV. Just don’t forget to contact the professionals over at https://writepaperfor.me/pay-for-essays before you hit the highway, because it’s never a wise idea to leave for a trip with a ton of unfinished homework hanging over your head.

Driving through hazardous conditions

SUV drivers tend to feel safer behind the wheel than most other vehicle operators. This is especially true during dangerous weather conditions.

Since they are typically larger, taller, and heavier than other vehicles, hazardous conditions may feel far less treacherous. Plus, many SUVs come with some form of all-wheel-drive or 4WD mode for better traction to all wheels. In addition, SUVs enhance one’s view of the road due to their increased ride height and larger windows.


On average, SUVs tend to fair much better in a collision than sedans and smaller cars. Due to their raised ride height, they also tend to clear obstacles and road debris a lot easier.

Collegiate creature comforts

SUVs reign supreme when it comes to cruising comfort. Good seating options, a higher roof, and captain’s chairs, all add up to one superior driving experience.


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Bottom line

Hopefully, this list has shown you the undeniable advantages of owning an SUV over other forms of automobile. The only question now is, will you actually put all of these SUV perks to the task at hand?

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