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Tuffy Security Products holiday shopping guide

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As the holiday shopping season pulls in with all of the torque of a turbo-diesel towing rig, truck and SUV owners turn toward thoughts of gift-giving and security. Not just for those precious presents mind you. But the securing of everyday items inside the vehicles tested and reviewed here on PUTT.

In an effort to reduce the number of gifts that are “eventually relegated to the back of the closet or re-gifted later,” Tuffy Security Products has released its holiday buying catalog. Hardcore storage solutions that are engineered and built for “serious use.”

Currently, the entire line of Tuffy Security Products is 11% off sitewide. Making this protective portfolio one of the most appealing security solutions on the market.

Tuffy Security

Security solutions for any sleigh

Starting things off is Tuffy’s line of reinforced storage boxes, which are designed to fit under the seats of a slew of vehicles. There is also a selection of portable safes, security gloveboxes, center console inserts, and specialty lockboxes constructed for safe firearm transportation on sale this holiday season.

Tuffy’s laptop security lockbox has also been selected as a top shopping pick and is currently listed at 11% off on the company’s website. An ideal gift for individuals who must remain connected to their PC or Mac at all times. Measuring 18- 5/16 inches wide, 5 ¼ inches deep, and 14 ¼ inches across Tuffy’s Laptop Security Lockbox comes loaded with both 1-inch and 2-inch thick foam lining. Further protection is provided by Tuffy’s own Pry-Guard locking system, with 1/8 inch thick steel components and 10 tumbler double-bitted key finishing things off.

Tuffy Tablet Safe

Sitting 14 1/8 inches long, 10 5/8 inches wide, and 1 ¾ inch in height, Tuffy’s Tablet Safe is sure to be the next big item on everyone’s truck security shopping list this season.

Intended for tablets, the slim 2 1/2 inches height of this security box comes packed with low-density foam inside, and a three-digit keyless combination lock outside. An additional dual-point steel cam comes standard for added security, which comes mounted above the exterior lid surface for easy access. All told, this slim locker weighs less than 7 pounds and comes with a 2-foot steel lock cable. A set of pre-drilled holes come standard to allow easy mounting on solid surfaces.

Tuffy Portable Safe

And then there are the Portable Safe solutions from Tuffy. At just a fuzz under 3 pounds per unit, these portable safes make for an outstanding lockbox gift for firearm owners, as well as those who routinely transport small valuables. At just 9 ¾ inches long, 6 ½ inches wide, and 1 4/5 inches in height, this slim security option is about as low-profile as it gets. Welded from solid steel, this locking storage box secures and protects, all while still being able to be easily carried by hand, or stored on a shelf somewhere out of sight.

The inside compartment of these pint-sized safes comes lined with a low-density foam to protect their contents, and is finished with compression bumpers to keep the lid vibration-free once closed. A three-digit combination lock with a two-point steel cam provides access and peace of mind against intruders.

Tuffy Jeep Cover

Tuffy gift ideas for everyone

In addition, Tuffy Security Products offers a wide range of other durable, dependable security options for those on your holiday shopping list. From the traveling sales professional and tech connected, to the college student and outdoor explorer, Tuffy Security Products are sure to surprise and safeguard the truck and SUV driver in your life this holiday season. Protecting those valuable gifts is what this North American-made brand is all about.

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