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Best secret storage options for Jeep Gladiator owners

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Snuggly stowing valuables in a vehicle can be a risky and challenging endeavor — no matter what size the vehicle may be. Despite its hulking size, the Jeep Gladiator suffers from this same affliction, making for a common gripe amongst daily drivers and 4X4 enthusiasts alike. If only there were a way to lock up goods beneath the rear bench.

Enter the mighty Jeep Gladiator Compact Underseat Lockbox from Tuffy. This locking, stealthily hidden storage box offers a perfect set of solutions for when stowing expensive and potentially dangerous gear is in the cards. Here are a few reasons why this rugged stow-away solution retains its spot as the top contender when it comes to seeking rear under-seat storage solutions for the 2020-2022 Jeep Gladiator.

Tuffy Gladiator Full-Size Lockbox

Designed with security, durability and easy access in mind

One of the greatest things about this clever hideaway locker (outside of it being designed and built in North America) is its accessibility strengths. Rear seats lifted, Gladiator owners can easily access the contents of the lockbox, thanks to an exclusive “Pin-Lock” hinging system that’s been added for secure closure. With the lid fully extended open, users are rewarded with 42 7/8-inch by 7 ¼-inch accessible stow space and a strong all-around seal once closed.

From a security standpoint, the closure of this all-steel structure comes reinforced with Tuffy’s own line of locking mechanisms. Affixed with dual 10 tumbler, and double-bitted security locks with built-in weather seals, the locking side of this under-seat stow container are top-tier in every way. There’s also Tuffy’s signature “Pry-Guard Locking System,” just in case someone decides to give your Gladiator the old “pry-n-pray” approach.

“Our new full-width Underseat Lockbox for the Jeep Gladiator delivers secure storage for a wide range of items, keeping them organized and out of sight,” said Chip Olson, marketing manager, Tuffy Security Products. “The long dimension of this lockbox provides extra useful storage space in a design that doesn’t interfere with the Gladiator’s passenger foot room. The lockbox is an innovative product that will add to the enjoyment of this popular vehicle by keeping gear and other valuables close at hand, yet concealed from prying eyes.”

Designed and produced in North America, Tuffy Security Products have been a leader in safeguarding valuable gear for decades, you can rest assured in knowing that all of the bases are covered so you can stow at ease and fear not for missing valuables. 

Tuffy Gladiator Full-Size Lockbox

Lock it like its hot

Stamped out of sturdy steel and measuring 43 3/8” long, 9” 3/8” wide, and 6 1/2” tall on the outside, this security lockbox encapsulates 2,000 cubic inches of storage volume. Discreetly stuffed beneath the rear seat, the OEM styling of the Jeep Gladiator is given ample room to be itself. Installation is made easy with supplied hardware and easy-to-follow assembly instructions, and due to merely requiring the use of a wrench, requires zero drilling or bracketry tomfoolery.

Finished in a textured black powder coat finish, Tuffy Compact Underseat Lockbox for the Jeep Gladiator (Model 387-01) remains impervious to scuffs, mud, daily abuse, and even the occasional spilled juice box. There’s even a compact version of the Jeep Gladiator Lockbox (pictured below), which features many of the same performance and security perks, but with a far smaller footprint.

Just note that the full-size storage version of this product from Tuffy Security Products is not compatible with Jeep’s OEM plastic under-seat fence, as it must be secure to the OEM Jeep Gladiator mounting points beneath the rear bench.

Tuffy Gladiator Lockbox

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