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Ultimate truck safety hack: Use a one-key locking system for everything

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Running a successful business often requires reducing downtime in order to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. Time is money, and for those of us who view vehicles as a work tool, efficiency equals currency. Arriving at a job site, only to discover the jumbled wad of keys in your hand does not contain the mate to the lock in front of you is both aggravating and costly.

Work truck owners and operators aren’t the only ones suffering from this annoying affliction. Camping enthusiasts, farmers, off-road enthusiasts and law enforcement officials all have to handle a ton of different keys on any given day.

If you are one of the people struggling with key overload, it might be time to turn toward a “one key fits all” setup, and nobody does this better than STRATTEC Security Corporation’s BOLT Locks division.

A sample of a few of the many options offered beneath the “Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology” name. Image courtesy of BOLT Locks.

Security made easy thanks to technology

Having grown sick of the jumble of keys in their pockets years ago, BOLT (“Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology”) Locks decided it was high time someone came out with a single-key solution.

What evolved from this project was a patented key programming system that permanently trains a lock to operate solely with a vehicle’s ignition key. No more separate keys for every piece of equipment on board. Just a straightforward unlocking scenario every time.

But how does it work? When drivers insert their ignition key into a BOLT Lock cylinder for the first time, the system’s patented spring-loaded plate tumblers move up and down until they match the key precisely. As the key is rotated for the first time, the cylinder is coded to that key, thus locking in the unique grooves along the length of the key blade. Once removed, the cylinder pops back into a locked position and will not receive any other key save the one it has been programmed to.

A kingpin receiver from BOLT Locks is ready for work. Image courtesy of BOLT Locks.

Different bolts for different folks

After discovering its patented BOLT locking system worked flawlessly, STRATTEC Security Corporation set to work producing as many security solutions as it could for vehicle owners.

What came to fruition was an entire portfolio of BOLT Locks products. Everything from adjustable receiver locks and cable locks with matching padlocks to toolbox retro-fit inserts and locking tailgate handles for late model GM trucks have emerged. There’s an entire line of commercial fleet-focused products from BOLT Locks as well, for those who do rely upon their rigs for work purposes.

But it’s not all grunt work and job site easy access either here.

BOLT Locks offers things like locking hood clasps and spare tire locks for the Jeep community as well as one of the most hardcore locking recovery hooks you’ve ever seen.

The locking hitch coupler from BOLT Locks. Image courtesy of BOLT Locks.

For those who are towing large trailers long distances or who routinely have watercraft in tow, BOLT’s locking trailer coupler is a must-have piece of security equipment.

As with all of the products within the BOLT Locks portfolio, this trailer coupler packs the following perks:

  • Double ball bearing locking mechanism
  • Plate tumbler sidebar to prevent picking and bumping
  • Stainless steel lock shutter to keep out dirt and moisture
  • Opens with your vehicle ignition key
  • Weatherproof
  • Limited lifetime warranty

And then there’s the BOLT Padlock, which as long as you don’t lose your truck keys, allows you to lock and unlock an endless number of padlocks with a single key blade. This is particularly useful for those with tool storage boxes in the bed or gear strapped down to the roof rack.

Overlanding adventurers and campers have also found this simple keyed solution to be useful, especially when setting up or breaking camp in a timely fashion is a top priority.

Image courtesy of BOLT Locks.

Back to the basics with BOLT Locks

At its core, though, BOLT Locks were created with truck owners and the work site in mind. Removing the need to wait on someone to deliver a set of keys just to activate or unlock a piece of equipment or a storage locker means getting right to work and locking up safely and efficiently when the day is done. Putting this plug-and-play locking system into action is one of the ultimate upgrades you can make to a truck or SUV.

Be sure to check out the BOLT brand’s website and online reviews for more info, and remember you can find BOLT Locks products at 4 Wheel Parts storesAdvanceAutoParts.comO’Reilly’sNAPA and SummitRacing.com. You can also track down retailers by typing in your zip code at: www.boltlock.com/retail-finder.

For more information on these locking solutions, call 844-972-7547 or visit www.boltlock.com. You can also follow BOLT Locks via social media on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter at @BOLTLock.

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