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How to boost your trucking fleet’s profitability

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The trucking business is one of the most profitable in the U.S. Almost every sector needs transportation of raw materials and consumer products from one place to another. According to Statista, this sector generated approximately $732.3 billion in 2020. But despite the business’s popularity and demand, many fleet owners face challenges that reduce profits.

These challenges include high fuel costs, fines and penalties from authorities as well as vehicle repair and maintenance. So how do you boost your trucking fleet’s profitability as a fleet owner? This post explains how to go about it.

Perform routine checkups and maintenance

Unplanned vehicle repairs and unexpected breakdowns greatly reduce your trucking fleet’s profits. It is even worse when a truck breaks down far away from your designated auto shop and the available one charges ridiculous prices to repair the vehicle.

Routine checkups and vehicle maintenance by professionals will reduce on-the-road breakdowns and save you time and money. Minimal engine problems, tire problems, and better vehicle health make the transit smooth. Clients are happy because there is no delay, your business runs seamlessly, and profits go up.

Reduce fuel costs

Fuel usage can build or break a trucking fleet business. To boost your fleet’s profitability, you need to reduce fuel costs. There are several ways your staff can help reduce the fuel consumption of your trucks. These include:

  • Driving carefully and watching their speed to ensure fuel consumption is minimal
  • Fueling at designated refill stations to get the best prices and fleet discounts
  • Avoiding idling and running the vehicle when loading cargo or processing paperwork
  • Using shorter routes, if available

The overall responsibility of your truck drivers is to lower fuel consumption. They should pre-check the condition of the vehicles before departure, follow traffic rules to avoid accidents, and keep the vehicles in good condition.

Embrace technological tools and programs

Technology has simplified how the trucking businesses run their daily activities—from GPS tracking of vehicles in transit to managing paperwork.

Trucking fleet management software removes the guesswork from fleet management by helping you monitor your entire fleet on a single screen. Most of these tools are premium, but the investment is worth it. Your work will be easier, and you’ll be able to scale your business.

You can use your income to buy the software or borrow an auto title loan. When the new software streamlines your work and boosts your profits, you can easily repay the loan. To access the loan, search for “the best title loans online,” and choose one that suits your needs.

Follow road safety practices

Your fleet drivers play a huge role in building or bringing down your trucking fleet business. How they drive the vehicles, follow traffic rules and relate with highway authorities can make your business operations smoother or rougher.

Hire professional truck drivers and offer them additional training on driving and vehicle maintenance. Moreover, reward good performance with gift cards, handwritten notes, or appreciation emails. The goal is to encourage the best road safety practices. That way, the vehicles and cargo will be in good condition, and you’ll avoid penalties and fines from the authorities.

We hope these tips will help you boost your trucking fleet’s profitability.

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