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Ford BlueCruise review: Will it work in a snowstorm?


In this Ford BlueCruise review, Publisher Tim Esterdahl is taking a 2021 F-150 out on the highway to test this new hands-free driving technology. As luck would have it, he’s driving right into a snowstorm, which means he gets to show us just how long the BlueCruise continues to work in bad weather as well as some of the things it can and cannot do.

A limited hands-free experience

Because Ford BlueCruise is only available on the F-150 and Mach-E vehicles, this technology is something not every Ford owner will get to experience. At least not yet. And it is currently limited further to specific stretches of interstates and highways.

Some other features you won’t experience right away are hands-free lane changes, which would allow the driver to change lanes with the touch of the turn signal and predictive speed control which would automatically slow the vehicle down for upcoming curves. Ford says these over-the-air updates are coming, but they aren’t here yet.

And, unlike GM’s new Super Cruise software, Ford BlueCruise is not yet ready for trailering.

Ford BlueCruise review: Is it worth it?

We think in the future, BlueCruise could be pretty cool for those who drive long distances on a regular basis. We all know the shoulder tension that comes from holding the wheel all day. If that could be alleviated a bit, awesome!

The big question though, is will people pay for it? Right now, BlueCruise costs $600 for three years of service. So, your new vehicle may come equipped, but BlueCruise won’t be enabled unless you pay for it after the trial period. However, there is currently no information on what it will cost after the first three years are up.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think. Did you catch Esterdahl’s little freakout moment?

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