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2022 Chicago Auto Show: Ford Bronco Everglades loaded with a snorkel and winch, ready for adventure


At the 2022 Chicago Auto Show, Ford Motor Co. revealed a special edition Bronco we knew was coming – the Ford Bronco Everglades. We’ve caught glimpses of it in spy shots and a few media events, but today is this rugged Bronco’s official debut.

“Bronco customers like to explore new places, but some want to go even further off the trail than others,” said Jolanta Coffey, Bronco chief engineer. “Everglades is specially equipped to enable these customers to tackle even more challenging terrains and trails – and with the front bumper-mounted winch, they can help others out of trouble while they’re at it.”

The Florida Everglades is loaded with gators, snakes and mosquitos and has terrain that’s tough get through, so this special Bronco seems like it’s loaded with the equipment to handle such an environment. Let’s take a closer look at the Ford Bronco Everglades.

Go snorkeling!

Ford’s press release release had a line that sums up one of the most noticeable features on the Bronco Everglades: “born to breathe when the air gets thick and designed to press on when the trail turns others around.”

Bronco Everglades introduces a snorkel that was designed and engineered by Ford. The snorkel – which runs up the passenger-side A-pillar – optimizes vehicle performance in dust, snow and water by raising the engine air intake above nasty trail conditions. Its design uses two easy-to-swap plates to change the direction of the inlet based on trail and weather conditions.

“Bronco enthusiasts demand style as well as performance, so we challenged ourselves to create a snorkel with high-end function and a look that really suits the vehicle,” said Ryan Olsson, design manager. “What really sets the Everglades snorkel apart is the head and reversible intake. It completely changes the way a snorkel can look and function.”

We’ve seen other vehicles equipped with snorkels, such as Land Rover and Jeep, but this design is exclusive for the Bronco Everglades.

Now about that winch

Often times off road adventurers find themselves stuck and need to be pulled out by something stronger and more capable. And of course a winch is needed. The 2022 Broncos can be equipped with a winch, as there are mounts on the bumper, but the Bronco Everglades is the only Bronco with a factory-installed winch.

The heavy-duty modular front bumper winch is from Ford Performance. It’s a Zeon 10-S Warn winch with 10,000-pound capability and a 100-foot synthetic line.

Squared wheel arches

There are several aesthetic features unique to the Bronco Everglades. First, it’s important to note that the Everglades is only available as a four-door and comes with all the features on the popular Sasquatch package.

The Bronco Everglades also features squared front and rear wheel arches with matching Sasquatch-width fender flares. There are also unique graphics with Everglades topography on the front quarter fenders, cleverly paying homage to the tropical wetlands that inspire the vehicle’s name.

Some of the other unique features exclusive to the Everglades include a protective safari bar, rock rails and a Carbonized Gray grille with gloss black Bronco lettering.

Specs for the Ford Bronco Everglades

The Everglades receives the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine, which has 300 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque. The 10-speed automatic transmission with advanced 4×4 system and a maximum 67.8:1 crawl ratio has this Bronco ready for whatever conditions it might face.

The Ford Bronco Everglades is available in five exterior colors, including Everglades-exclusive low-volume Desert Sand, plus Eruption Green, Area 51, Shadow Black and Cactus Gray.

Bronco Everglades will join the Bronco lineup this summer. Ordering begins in March, but this is exclusive for existing Bronco reservation holders. Pricing will start at $54,495, including destination fees.

The bottom line on Ford Bronco Everglades

I’ve been impressed with all of the different Bronco variants and special editions. It seems Ford is creating niche Broncos that live up to how they’re trying to brand it – Built Wild. It doesn’t get more wild than the swamps of the Everglades. No fear for alligators or getting stuck. I mean you are equipped with a snorkel and winch after all.

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  1. Gene February 10, 2022

    Florida man approves.

    1. Jimmy Dinsmore February 11, 2022

      Are you the Florida man always getting into weird legal situations? LOL


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