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We speculated back in September that the Ford Maverick Hybrid production had been halted. While Ford Motor Co. danced around the issue stating “we continuously adjust production to match demands with parts availability,” it appears that parts are officially no longer available for the demand.

According to a post on MaverickChat.com, Ford updated its ordering system for dealers and removed the option to order a Maverick Hybrid. Full stop.

Additionally, the dealer this post sources said it was unclear to him if the order stoppage is due to hybrid components or the ongoing microchip shortage.

We reached out to Ford for a comment and clarification, and a spokesperson confirmed the order stoppage is correct and pointed to an October press release that showed Ford anticipated this would happen with the second-to-last graph:

“Due to high demand, all Maverick Hybrid production for the 2022 model year is expected to be fully reserved by early November. Once all 2022 Maverick Hybrids have been reserved, ordering for Maverick Hybrid will close until reopening next summer.”

Talk about burying the lead. The headline for the release: “EPA-estimated 42 MPG city! All-new Ford Maverick Hybrid is now America’s most fuel-efficient hybrid pickup.” The first eight paragraphs basically talk about how awesome the truck is. Then whomp-whomp, but you probably won’t be able to buy one until mid next year.

What does this mean?

Clearly, the demand for this fuel-sipping pickup truck has been high. And while the regular Maverick is also selling like hotcakes, orders for the 2022 hybrid have reached full capacity.

So, what does this mean? In short, if you want the hybrid, unless you already have a confirmed order, you’ll likely have to wait for a year to get one. And you’re looking at a 2023 model.

While we hope the microchip and supply chain shortages will run their courses soon, and production of all vehicles can increase, analysts anticipate we’ll be experiencing issues through 2023.

The bottom line on Maverick Hybrid orders

If you’ve plunked down a deposit but haven’t had the order placed, you might be out of luck for the short term. The aforementioned dealer said he’s in a situation where he’s got deposits for the hybrid but now can’t place orders.

So, um, if you’re trying to get one of these hotcakes, placed a deposit and don’t have an order confirmation, you might want to reach out to your dealership ASAP.

Have you placed a successful order for a Maverick Hybrid, and more important, have you taken delivery yet? We’d love to hear about any hybrid woes or successes in the comments below.

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Jill Ciminillo

Jill Ciminillo is the Managing Editor for Pickup Truck + SUV Talk as well as a Chicago-based automotive writer, YouTube personality and podcast host, with her articles and videos appearing in outlets throughout the U.S. Additionally, she co-hosts a weekly radio show on car stuff for a local Chicago station. Previously, Jill has been the automotive editor for both newspaper and broadcast media conglomerates. She is also a past president for the Midwest Automotive Media Association and has the distinction of being the first female president for that organization. Jill is also currently a juror for the North American Car, Utility and Truck of the Year (NACTOY).

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  1. Brian December 1, 2021

    Hello Jill…… Let me clarify the situation. Ford forcasts a total production for the year based off availability of componants and production capacity. They sold out 100% of their Hybrid production capacity for the MY 22 in Hybrids. If you have one on order you will get one but dealers are not currently able to place new orders. We have been told that the order bank will re-open in the spring.

    1. Jill Ciminillo December 1, 2021

      Thanks for the clarification, Brian. I reached out to my contact at Ford who basically said the same thing and edited the article accordingly. Hopefully the edit makes the current Maverick Hybrid situation more clear!

  2. John Hartshorn December 1, 2021

    This article is highly misleading. Ford has not halted production. Production continues. Your article implies there is a manufacturing issue that doesn’t exist (beyond supply stream issues). Ford has simply gotten all the orders they believe they can handle and has stopped taking orders. Again, manufacturing continues. You need to correct your mis-information in this article.

    1. Jill Ciminillo December 1, 2021

      I apologize if you think this is misleading. However, I never said production was halted. I said we SPECULATED in SEPTEMBER that it was halted. Previous article. This article is based on a post where a dealer said he can’t place an order. And that’s true. The original edit said I had reached out to Ford for clarification. When I got it, I added an graph where Ford confirmed the order stoppage, and I added a quote from a press release where Ford said this would likely happen in November. What I said, and still say is if you put down a deposit and don’t have an order confirmation, you might want to reach out to your dealer.

  3. DanS December 1, 2021

    I ordered on October 12th and received order confirmation from Ford the next day. Ford did close hybrid ordering around November 15th. If your dealer didn’t get it into the system before then you are shut out for now.

    1. Jill Ciminillo December 1, 2021

      Thanks for the confirmation, Dan! Glad you got your order in and confirmed before the shut-down happened!

  4. Tom Vitti December 2, 2021

    Checked with the dealer Maverick site sent me to and told they are sold out of the hybrid for 2021 and noted only one I would want, he said I could order for 2022. Going to contact Ford directly to see. Not sure what way to get to who I need to at Ford.

    1. Jill Ciminillo December 6, 2021

      Per the information I’ve received from Ford, this is correct. The 2022 models are sold out, and you won’t be able to order a 2023 model until mid-summer of 2022. (The current model, though going on sale in 2021 is a 2022, so next year’s will be a 2023.)

  5. Dbarr December 3, 2021

    Hey Jill,
    Ford’s information flow on the Maverick Hybrid is at best, pathetic. They are constantly in reaction mode (example: this article). Confirmed order holders only source for information on the Maverick is Tim Bartz at Long McArthur Ford in Salina Kansas. My mega dealer in Lexington, SC is clueless as are many if not most Ford dealers across the country. Mike Levine, Ford North American Director of Product Communications is to busy tweeting pictures of his camping trips and the occasional shot of his coffee cup in front of a Maverick. Personally, I am on day 163 since confirmed order with no build date and no contact from Ford or my dealer.

    1. Jill Ciminillo December 6, 2021

      I’m sorry to hear you’re going through this frustration. From what I’ve heard, it sounds like confirmed orders are definitely moving forward, and since you ordered early, hopefully yours is in the queue soon. 🤞 Keep us updated. Would love to hear if/when you receive communications from Ford. From a consumer standpoint, I’ve seen a lot of people get replies from Mike Levine when he’s tweeted a direct question.

  6. Jesse December 15, 2021

    I ordered the Hybrid Ford Maverick XLT on October 14. I received a confirmation email from Ford immediately after, but have received 0 communication since… that is until yesterday, when I received a phone call from my Ford dealership stating that Ford will not be able to fulfill my order and asked if I would be willing to switch to next years model. They literally had 0 information on next years model (expected delivery date, price, etc.) I am super frustrated and disappointed. The price, fuel economy and the fact that it could still do truck things was the perfect package… one could say it was too good to be true. I am now considering the Hyundai Santa Cruz. With how many orders Ford received, I would not be surprised if we see multiple car manufacturers roll our a very similar package in the coming years.

    1. Jill Ciminillo December 19, 2021

      Sorry to hear your order didn’t get placed by the dealer before Ford closed the order system down! If it’s any consolation, I really liked the Hyundai Santa Cruz. While the Maverick has a hybrid powertrain and is more utilitarian, the Santa Cruz has more up-level features and an excellent turbocharged, sporty drive. Both great vehicles in their own way.

  7. Larry Cooley December 27, 2021

    Got confirmation on October 6th, haven’t heard a thing since, e-mailed Ford to see if I could get ANY information, got no response so I emailed them again and said they could at least have the courtesy to respond, nothing. I’m about to give up and go looking for something else

  8. KJ January 4, 2022

    It is so frustrating to see all these great reviews on YouTube and through the internet for the Ford Maverick Hybrid only to be told last month that you can’t order one because they sold out at the end of October 2021. I was told they can’t even order for 2023 until the summer. Now Ford is increasing prices for those models. We won’t actually know how much they will increase prices until they are available to order again. I am guessing the prices are going to increase even more, probably to the point that the Maverick Hybrid is no longer a perceived value. We have seen other dealers increase hybrid prices well over the MSRP price this year. I expect that trend to continue.

  9. tim rockwell January 11, 2022

    I placed my Mavrick Hybrid order with my Ford dealer on June 26th 2021 and received conformation from Ford the next day, I talked to my Ford dealer and they stated my truck is unscheduled for production, as of 1/5/22. Still waiting !!!!!!!

  10. Owen February 11, 2022

    I placed an order in July as soon as I could for this hybrid truck. After months and months of waiting, I decided to call my dealer and ask to speak with the dealer sales manager rather than text my sales agent. After asking for an update, 20 minutes post call with the sales manager, I get an email from ford saying my order was confirmed. 6 months after the truck was reserved, I get a confirmation email 20 minutes after my phone call. I honestly do not think I will be getting this truck in the year 2022. I work in construction and drive a sedan and my car is dying on me. Anyone have any tips or know how soon orders get built after an order was confirmed?


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