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Thanks to the multitude of comments and concerns posted after his recent video about running a camper on his 2021 Ford F-150 PowerBoost, publisher Tim Esterdahl decided to do a follow-up video for those interested in taking their F-150 hybrid camping and using the onboard generator to power a camper.

So, how did he not fry the electronics?

That’s really the big question of the day. Esterdahl plugged the camper into the 240-volt outlet on his truck. The camper only needs 120 to 130 volts. That’s a lot of extra power running to the camper. Right?

It would seem that way, but the special adapter plug that Esterdahl used drops half the available power and only passes through the voltage from one of the two prongs. This means the total output is 120-volts and the camper is safe.

Ready to take your F-150 Hybrid camping?

If you have an F-150 PowerBoost pickup truck and you’d like to power your camper with it, this is the video to watch. Esterdahl explains just how this adapter works and where to get it.

On-board power changes for Super Duty trucks

In this video, Esterdahl also talks about potential changes to Ford’s lineup of Super Duty pickup trucks and how powering a camper from an F-250 or F-350 could work. We’re hoping that this feature is added soon because people are way more likely to be towing campers with larger trucks than a half-ton like the F-150 PowerBoost.

Your turn

Have you ever taken an F-150 hybrid camping? How did you use the Pro Power Onboard? We’d love to hear about your experience. If you have tips and tricks for our readers let us know in the comments.

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