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Magna eBeam – the future of electric truck axles?

Magna eBeam Electric Truck Axles

A direct replacement for traditional beam axles? Magna says yes. (Photo by Magna)

There’s been a lot of news and controversy lately about electric trucks, and how they’ll stand up to towing, hauling and more. Will the battery life or range decline greatly when towing and hauling? Publisher Tim Esterdahl had a call this week with Magna. They are a company developing an eBeam, which is an electrified rear-axle that doesn’t sacrifice any performance when it comes to towing, payload capacity or off-road capabilities. Could this be the future of electric truck axles?

1 in 5 vehicles sold in the US are midsize or full-size

While there has been a huge focus lately on vehicles going electric, companies making changes to help the environment and environmentalists encouraging the consumer to purchase smaller cars that use less fuel, the truth is, Americans like big vehicles and truck owners are especially worried about what the future looks like.

Magna’s team of engineers decided to tackle this dilemma by starting with an electric truck axle that would be a drop-in replacement for traditional beam axle, using existing suspension and brake designs. The goal for the Magna eBeam axle is to provide all the strength and capability a truck owner is used to without diminishing the range and battery life of an electric truck.

Magna eBeam challenges 100 years of tradition

Did you know that the solid beam rear axle common to trucks has not seen any significant change in more than 100 years? That is CRAZY. I guess the old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” has applied to trucks for a really long time. But the future is here, and change is coming.

So, Magna took up the challenge. The eBeam solution is economical and utilizes the truck’s existing framework. It can be used as part of an electric or hybrid powertrain, and it offers a structure-oriented design to support high-payload vehicles. The Magna eBeam does not require unique suspension or brake systems. It has fewer moving parts which results in less maintenance.

Magna eBeam Electric Truck Axles

No compromise is the Magna eBeam goal. (Photo by Magna)

Who is Magna?

You may not have heard of this company before, but we’re sure you’re familiar with many of its innovations. Things like backup assist, trailer assist, backup cameras and so much more have come from the Magna team of engineers.

What about rust on electric truck axles?

Of course, Esterdahl asked the folks at Magna if the eBeam is prone to rust, and they said it’s up to the truck brand — and whether they want the eBeam rear axle coated or not.

Grab your favorite drink and get ready to learn about the future of electric truck axle with Esterdahl and the awesome folks at Magna.

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