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Ford F150 vs Nissan Titan

Ford F-150 vs Nissan Titan: What say you? Red and black or blue and chrome?  (Photo by Tim Esterdahl)

When you’ve got two trucks parked in your driveway, and the difference in price is only $145, how do you choose? Pickup Truck + SUV Talk Publisher Tim Esterdahl hits all the highlights for each truck in this Ford F-150 vs Nissan Titan video.

We want to know what you think! Watch the video and let us know.

2021 Nissan Titan Pro-4X

This truck is a thing of beauty with its bright red paint and all-black accents. It is commanding, rugged and ready to go off road.

Starting at the rear the Titan has a cool damped tailgate with a black insert that really makes it stand out. The truck sports Pro-4X branded mudflaps, a spray-in bed liner, has slide rails in the bed for easy cargo tie-down and has a cool bed-step on the left corner of the bumper.

Inside the Titan Pro-4X is a little nicer than the Ford in that it has heated leather seats and a heated steering wheel. It also comes with a Fender sound system. The infotainment screen has been updated to a 9-inch screen, which looks really nice and the gauges on the driver’s display are pretty sharp. And one last thing we can’t forget: There’s a panoramic moonroof with a power roll-back shade.

Under the hood of the Titan is a good ol’ V-8 engine, which sounds incredible. The truck is a 4×4 and includes a rear locking differential, which makes it great for off-road enthusiasts.

The estimated fuel economy for the Titan Pro-4X is 15 mpg in the city, 20 mpg on the highway and 17 mpg combined. That’s pretty standard for a light-duty pickup truck.

Sticker price: $61,345

2021 Nissan Titan Pro-4X Monroney

2021 Ford F-150 PowerBoost

The F-150 is Tim’s personal truck, which has a dark metallic blue paint and chrome accents. The stance is a little more hard-working truck and a little less off-road badass.

The F-150 has a drop-in bed liner and a tailgate with a built-in pull-out step for easy entry to the bed. The tailgate also has a tablet or phone holder, a ruler for measuring and tie-down hooks for longer cargo. This particular truck has an on-board generator and some extra power options in the bed.

The XLT trim comes with cloth seats. It also has a big 12-inch infotainment screen, and the back seat just seems bigger in the Ford.

We can’t forget Zone Lighting! Tim’s F-150 is equipped with this cool feature, which he covers in this video and we think it’s really something.

Sticker price: $61,045

2021 Ford F-150 Powerboost

Ford F-150 vs Nissan Titan: $140 difference

Both of these trucks are made in the U.S. They are light-duty pickups capable of towing a family camper and are priced almost exactly the same.

When looking at the Ford F-150 vs Nissan Titan, it’s pretty easy to see that they each have unique features that make them desirable, so the choice will be a personal one.

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Erica Mueller

Erica Mueller is a Texan, which means she believes that trucks are family vehicles and giant SUVs make good second cars. As part-time auto journalist for almost a decade, Erica enjoys driving all kinds of vehicles and sharing her experiences with others. Erica is the secretary of the board for the Texas Auto Writers Association as well as a contributor at A Girls Guide to Cars.

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  1. David Starr February 12, 2021

    Show that you are a true American and buy the Ford.

    1. Erica Mueller March 5, 2021

      Considering they are both made in the USA I’d feel pretty American buying either one of them. I really think it comes down to a personal choice on the style.

  2. Greg November 13, 2021

    Hi! I am buying a vehicle for an overlanding build and I can’t decide what to get. Ideally I’d like a smaller full size truck with shorter wheelbase and exterior dimensions as well as around 400HP and good torque ratings. I’m willing to cut high clearance fenders and give her a high quality lift to run 35s – 37s to tackle the Sierra Nevada trails and SoCal deserts but would like to maintain a lower center of gravity. I don’t plan on towing more than 9000 lbs. but will have overlanding gear, skid plates & bumpers affecting payload. I am debating between a newer CPO Tundra, Titan, or F-150, but am leaning toward the Titan. Plan is to install a camper shell with a low profile roof rack on the bed & over the cab. I’m open to regearing & putting in ARB air lockers down the road as well. Please help me decide what I should get and why! I need help! Lol. Open to any recommendations!


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