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2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer teaser (Image Credit Jeep)

Jeep‘s ongoing teaser campaign for the 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer has delivered some welcome glimpses into what the Grand Wagoneer will bring to the table in terms of design. However, the off-road brand decided to showcase the more luxurious elements of the upcoming three row Jeep, with a new round of teaser images that were quietly posted onto social media.

Like last time, Jeep did not give too much detail for us to work with, but it appears that this could indeed be our first definitive glimpse of the Grand Wagoneer (versus its more mundane Wagoneer sibling.) The first image shows a portion of the slotted front grille, as well as the ‘WAG” portion of its moniker. The front grille also appears to have a good amount of bespoke detail fused into it, with elegant chrome work in the grille itself, as well as illuminated elements for it and the badging. We have seen Mercedes-Benz embrace illuminated emblems on some of its range topping models, but if the badge lettering lights up, then this would be a bit of a game changer in this regard, especially in the luxury SUV segment.

The second image moves to the interior, and appears to show off the rotary control dial and other portions of the center console itself. The dial itself was featured in last weeks teasers, but this time around, we get a glimpse of a blurred screen far in the background. It appears to be showing a seat adjustment menu, and it could be the rumored screen that would be available for the front passenger to use.

Both of the new teasers continue the present theme of highlighting the Grand Wagoneer’s design, with the wood trim, start stop button, and more being highlighted alongside obvious components like the center control dial.Multiple rumors suggest that the Grand Wagoneer will be a big step up for the brand in terms of technology, with the model potentially bringing goodies such as a full digital instrument cluster, a massive touchscreen, and other unknown tech.

The Grand Wagoneer’s arrival would help Jeep address a very prominent hole in its lineup. While the smaller Jeep Grand Cherokee has done a very admirable job of shoring up the brand;s sales figures, it simply cannot compete with the massive influx of entries that bring three row comfort and better technology to the ring. Jeep’s last attempt was in the early 2000s with the Jeep Commander. But a cramped third row, noticeable cost cutting, and low fuel economy caused the Commander to become a sales flop. Expect the Wagoneer lineup to not be handicapped by these flaws, and it could help Jeep lure in even more customer’s to their ever growing lineup of utility entries.

Jeep also revealed that it would unveil the 2022 Grand Wagoneer on September 3, but stopped far short of giving a formal time for the event. We suspect that Jeep will reveal that tidbit of information closer to the unveiling, with production kicking off in 2021.

The model would then go on sale later that year as an early 2022 model.

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