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Low mileage Chevrolet SSR to be auctioned, features manual gearbox



It’s not very often that we have a chance to talk about the Chevrolet SSR. When the SSR first appeared in 2003, it was a heavily retro inspired exercise that was supposed to be a “Corvette truck” for those that wanted speed and practicality. The exterior styling was very reminiscent of 1940s custom cars, and it even had a novel covered cargo bed, and a folding hardtop. Unfortunately, GM bungled the launch, and that doomed the SSR to low sales numbers and an early retirement in 2006. But this unique marriage of a roadster and a pickup did manage to develop a cult following with buyers over the years, and a rare example of the breed is crossing the Auction Block at the Mecum Kissimmee summer auction.

The SSR featured here is a 2005 model, and it checks off all the right boxes for enthusiasts. Unlike earlier 2003-2004 models which featured an anemic Trailblazer sourced 5.3 liter V8 mated to an equally woeful four speed automatic, this one not only has the more powerful 6.0 liter LS2 V8, but also the six speed manual gearbox. Even more remarkably, it also has low miles to match, with the odometer currently showing a mere 1,700 miles since it rolled off the assembly at the Lansing Craft Center in Lansing, Michigan. 

A splash of vivid red paint adorns the exterior, and this SSR comes with goodies such as heated seats, a Bose premium audio system, running boards, and spiffy chrome wheels. This SSR is not a pure factory special however, with the rear cargo bed being carpeted in aftermarket luxurious carpet. 

As for pricing, Mecum is not providing an estimated value, but looking at other similar SSR’s in the market place, they do tend to go for amounts just below $50,000. However, we will not be shocked if the low mileage plays a role in raising the figure to perhaps $65,000 or even $70,000. 

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