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We have certainly seen our fair share of crazy off-road customs over the years. Some bend the rules of what a 4×4 should be, while others even go the rather unusual route of placing a car body on top of a rugged trail ready truck chassis. This time around, we see a pickup based creation, but it gets much wilder from there.

Dubbed the Kymera, it is based on a 2015 Chevrolet Colorado, but there isn’t much of anything on this truck that can be considered stock at this point. A very prominent clue to this fact of life can be found with the front suspension which actually sticks up and through the customized hood. Built by a custom shop in Lancaster, North Carolina called Fab Fours, The Kymera is a very interesting exercise in functional minimalism, and while we don’t know why the “Kymera” name was chosen, it is displayed very prominently on the rear of the truck. As for the rest of the truck, the bed is not really a bed anymore since the engine has been moved behind the cab. The custom cage surrounding the driver is adorned with a metal mohawk, and flat grey is the color of the day here.

But the spotlight is on the fore-mentioned engine because it is designed for speed and it is far from being stock. In fact, it is not even close to anything found in the General’s engine inventory, with Fab Fours using a highly modified Cummins 5.9 liter diesel engine borrowed from the Ram engine family. Naturally, it is twin-turbocharged, and it is capable of delivering 650 horsepower as well massive pools of torque. While it is unknown if the rig is even street legal or not, we suspect that most potential owners will not worry about that too much since it is designed to be the ultimate off-road toy.

Fab Fours claims that it is part desert runner, part rock crawler, and part trail buster, and it certainly looks the part with massive off-road tires being mounted to military grade axles. Rear wheel steering (like in many monster trucks) is also fitted to help improve maneuverability in tight sections of rocks or the trail. All of this hardware and more should make it very difficult for the Kymera to get stuck, but in the event that you manage to somehow achieve that feat, a 12,000 pound winch is fitted to help pull the truck out of danger.


For the moment, the Kymera is a wild one-off build, but we suspect that it will help generate plenty of attention for Fab Fours. Who knows, maybe some of this increased publicity could convince Fab Fours to do a limited production run, but only time will tell on that wild fantasy. In the meantime, the folks at Ridiculous Rides managed to shoot a brief video of the Kymera in its natural habitat which we have posted below.



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  1. dancolin June 1, 2020

    It truly is insane though I would really like to experience to drive or ride one.


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