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Toyota has been very revealing about some of the plans it has for the next generation Toyota Tundra. This includes the potential for an electrified version as it tries to create an offering that can be a competitor for the segment benchmarks wielded by Ford, GM, and Ram. However, a new rendering suggests what a potential Tundra Heavy Duty model would look like, and the potential that it could bring if it is ever green lit for production.


While the domestic Big 3 have introduced successive generations of Heavy Duty versions of their light duty pickups over the years, the Japanese automakers have never really expanded too much into this lucrative segment with their offerings. This is especially apparent with dually offerings, with neither Toyota or Nissan (the two automakers with traditional light pickup entries at the moment) not making a dually variant at all. The rendering comes from WB.artist20 via Instagram, and uses a current generation Toyota Tundra TRD model as the base.

The rendering itself is a straightforward affair (when compared to some other renderings that we have seen) and features several tweaks to help prepare it for a dually conversion. This includes an increase in length and bigger wheel flares to accommodate the dual rear wheels. Meanwhile, the rendering also comes equipped with extended mirrors as well as a bigger grille and hood with the artist claiming it was done this way to accommodate a possible Cummins sourced turbodiesel engine. Bigger headlights round out the package, and we will give the artist bonus points for retaining the Army green paint work as well as the stylish black wheels.

Looking at the rendering as it sits now, and it appears to be a very simple formula especially considering that the Big 3 are most likely following the same recipe for their dually models. If Toyota somehow greenlights this for the next generation Tundra, we hope that it would make some minor tweaks to the placement of certain trim elements in the front fascia (the current Tundra’s design language does show its limitations in select areas of the rendering.)


Regardless of what ultimately happens with the next generation Tundra, it will be a much welcomed upgrade for the model. The current generation Tundra has been on the market for over 13 years, and it has also stubbornly resisted change, with the Tundra being the only pickup offering left to still offer a one size fits all V8 for all of its trims. Look for the next generation truck to adopt an overhauled platform as well as a V6 (possibly the 3.5 liter twin-turbocharged V6 from Lexus) to help give buyers a greener and more budget conscious alternative to the V8 engine. As mentioned, there is also talk of a possible Tundra hybrid, but while Toyota’s willingness to share details has so far not extended to rumors of a potential HD model, it would be pretty cool if Toyota perhaps unleashes it as a last minute surprise when the truck is eventually unveiled.


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