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Drive A Tank Reopens, ‘Crushes’ COVID-19 In First Official Act


The legendary Drive A Tank facility, the only venue in the nation where you can drive a tank and shoot military grade weapons has reopened its doors after being closed briefly due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Drive A Tank has always been known for its very colorful marketing, and to help celebrate its reopening, the facility used one of their tanks to “crush” COVID-19. Okay, it’s not the literal virus, but a lightly decorated and spray painted Subaru Outback getting smashed into an unrecognizable pile of twisted metal is arguably the next best thing, and is a very entertaining way to show that Drive A Tank is willing to tackle the challenges of the new normal head-on.

But the company is also mindful of safety as well, and has enacted some changes to help make the fun safer for attendees. For instance, group sessions have been temporarily shelved, with time slots for drivers and passengers taking their place. Masks will also be provided to guests, though the company’s release does not reveal whether they are mandatory or not. Finally, every tank, gun, and control handle will be sanitized after every use, with hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes being on hand for passengers to use. 

Drive A Tank also revealed that their normal business hours will be retained which should please those that want to take part in the firn’s iconic car crush programs or even shoot a few rounds at the firing range with their favorite military weapons.  

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