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2021 Subaru Crosstrek Sport Teased Ahead of June 9th Debut, Brings More Power To Popular Crossover Model


The Subaru Crosstrek has proven to be a fountain of unexpected bounty for Subaru. Originally starting out as a mere experiment a few years ago, the Crosstrek has proven to be a very viable sales success for the company. with the Crosstrek consistently outselling the Impreza sedan it is based on year after year. However, a key weakness for the model has always been a lack of power, but Subaru is out to rectify that with the 2021 Crosstrek Sport.

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According to Subaru’s own website, the 2021 Crosstrek Sport will not only offer more capability to customers, but also the beefier amounts of power that they have been clamoring for for years. The Sport will certainly have a very compelling base to start from, with the standard Crosstrek coming in either standard or hybrid form. The traditionally powered Crosstrek makes 152 horsepower, while the hybrid makes do with a slightly tamer 148 combined horsepower from its electrified powerplant. These numbers are on the low side, especially in a segment that is rapidly gaining more and more performance.

As mentioned, the Sport is bringing more power to the fray, but the company is still not revealing just how much power the Sport will bring to the table. We suspect that the whatever engine Subaru picked could give the Crosstrek Sport a sizable bump that could see horsepower go up to about 250 horsepower. That figure (if confirmed) would bring the Crosstrek closer to rivals, especially those that have adopted 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder engines in recent years.


Subaru’s page also revealed that the 2021 Crosstrek will make its official appearance on June 9th which indicates that the wait will be brief. When it does, we will hopefully get the answer to all of our questions including how much power is exactly lurking under the hood.


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