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Essential Tips for Auto Repair Shops During Quarantine


As some auto dealers and service stations keep their doors open during the Covid-19 pandemic, there are certain measures that need to be taken in order to practice social distancing and other steps that can curb the spread of the disease.


To help essential workers during this time, repair shops and dealers are maintaining a healthy distance between customers, allowing solo test rides, and using disposable plastic seat covers so technicians can easily slip in and out without moving the seat cover. When you take the right steps to ensure safety measures are followed, you can have your shop up and running effectively during the quarantine.


Here are a few tips your auto repair shop could use to help maintain productivity while flattening the curve:

Let People Know You’re Open:

When you do an online search for “auto repair shop near me,” most of the listings will be marked as closed, so even if you are open, your customers might not know about it. To remedy this, you need to change the timings of the shop through Google My Business service. Your shop would show as “Open” after that, and once it does, you can promote it through social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram to say you’re ready for business.


Additionally, you can mention your store is taking the required measures like temperature checks and sanitization to ensure safety so that your customers feel protected when they come by.

Ensure Your Staff Is Protected

When you open your shop during these harsh times, it means you have to be responsible for the people that approach your services as well as the people that handle it too. Spreading the disease can be greatly reduced if technicians and staff are educated about the rights steps to avoid infection. First, it’s important that the entire staff doesn’t come in on the same day unless you run a small business. Social distance needs to be kept, so only a few employees can work required at a time.


If an employee is feeling sick, they shouldn’t come to work and should stay at home until all symptoms have subsided. Protective gear like Nitrile gloves and ear savers for face masks along with regular sanitization should also be provided and used at all times to avoid the infection from spreading further.

Provide Safety to Your Customers

As mentioned earlier, you need to be responsible for the people that come for your services. One way to do that effectively is by using plastic coverings. Plastic protective products are used by many shops around the country to protect service technicians and vehicle owners against the spread of disease and reduce cross-contamination between vehicles. Technicians can use disposable plastic seat covers that are constructed from a unique, multi-layered plastic film. It’s a patented design by Slip-N-Grip that allows the bottom layer to grip the seat while the top allows the technician to move in and out of the vehicle without displacing the seat cover.


There are also steering wheel and gear shift covers as other interior vehicle protection products that you can use and offer during the quarantine period. For more information on these covers, you can visit https://mbrmarketing.com/service-department/steering-wheel-and-seat-covers.

Earn Your Customer’s Trust

If you have new customers coming in during this time, you can offer them some tips on how they can do quick fix-ups by themselves in the future. By walking them through some common issues and how to resolve them with the right tools and equipment, the customer learns about some issues that may occur and can attempt to fix it on their own.


When you provide exemplary service and the advice you give comes in handy, the customer trusts you more and will definitely come back for help should they require it.

Bottom Line

If you’re an auto repair shop that’s open for business, it’s essential to do your part to curb the spread of Covid-19. By taking the right precautions, you can ensure that your customers as well as your employees are safe and satisfied with the service provided.


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  1. danicolin May 26, 2020

    It’s great to know their new protocol as well so I could easily adjust to them and won’t take unnecessary risks for both my safety and their staff too.


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