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2021 Cadillac Escalade Onyx Package Completes Monochrome Appearance, Features Body Colored Crest and Lettering,


When the Cadillac Escala concept first appeared back in 2016, it showcased a number of features that were not seen before on Cadillac’s of the time. Since then, a select few of these have trickled their way into current Cadillac offerings, but a new report from the folks at Cadillac Society appears to suggest that yet another Escala cue is in the pipeline for production.

The report in question focuses on a part of the styling that might be overlooked by some buyers when they are admiring the profile of their car or SUV, the crest. On the Escala, the concept featured a slightly revised crest that incorporated an un-textured silver material. While a few of Cadillac’s current offerings come equipped with an all silver crest, they branch off by having different silver inserts where the default colors would be. In the case of the Escalade, an upcoming Onyx package will change the way the crests look.

Like other GM styling packages, the Onyx suite of changes are purely aesthetic with the logos being more grayish looking than usual, and that for the first time ever on a Cadillac offering, these monochrome badges will appear on both the front fascia as well as the tailgate. The Sport Package already adds in its fair share of dark accents, but the crests retain their colored appearance, and the Escalade lettering itself stays in bright chrome. Onyx models change all that however with the lettering now being covered in gloss black and the wheels themselves being replaced with 22-inch 12-spoke wheels in high gloss black. The Sport Edition can only be equipped to three out of the eight possible Escalade colors, and it would not shock us if this same restriction is in effect for Onyx Package variants.


The report also indicates that the Onyx Package will mesh with the current forked trim strategy that is already in play on the Escalade with Premium Luxury on one side, and the Sport trim on the other. In this instance, the Onyx look would only be found on the Sport side of the fork to go along with its strong emphasis on dark accents. For buyers that would prefer to go towards the luxury side of the coin, we are confident that Cadillac will eventually come up with a similar companion offering for the radiant package. It would also give Premium Luxury grade variants a solid response to the monochrome package that can be equipped to its chief rival the Lincoln Navigator. Unlike the Cadillac, the Gator adopts a more traditional trim strategy, and as a result, is a bit more flexible in terms of configurations.


Cadillac for its part has not confirmed the details of the report, but we suspect that if the Onyx Package is indeed coming, it could either appear as a minor announcement, or some other form of unveiling later this year.  


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