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Are you an affluent luxury SUV buyer that is looking at possibly purchasing a BMW X7? But wishes that it could have more aggression than what the German car titan provides out of the factory? If this is your plight, Lumma Design knows your pain, and has a very interesting solution to your problems.

The German tuning firm first unveiled plans to produce its heavily tuned CLR X7 late last year, but it is now ready to unleash the model into the broader market. Buyers ready to take the $18,000 plunge will be rewarded with a Lumma body kit that accents the two inches of width that the tuner managed to extract from the X7’s platform. Wheel arch extensions front and rear further enhances the wide vibes, and they are connected by rocker sill extensions. As a bonus, they even offer integrated vents that assist in cooling the brakes. The giant kidney grilles are still present (for better or for worse) but a tasteful front spoiler features a specially designed cup blade that helps give the X7 a slightly lower stance than what you would see in a factory fresh model.

Meanwhile, the rear fascia also gets into the act with a massive rear diffuser being accented by both a spoiler lip as well as a tastefully sized roof spoiler that adds more aggression and personality to the design. A monochromatic paint job draws in the eyes towards the pumped up wheels and tires that Lumma equipped to enhance the side profile. In addition to the 23-inch wheels that were originally announced, Lumma also revealed that optional 24-inch wheels that will be shod with massive 355 spec series tires at the rear, and 295 series rubber at the front. Lumma calls the base 23-inch wheels the “entry level option” but we are pretty confident that regardless of which option is selected, many buyers will not go unnoticed by curious observers when commuting through town. 


As for the interior, the German tuning firm promises that the sky is indeed the limit when it comes to customizing the colors and materials that are used inside. But a three piece aluminum pedal set and Lumma branded floor mats are standard across the board. Order books for the package are now open, with the base price starting at €16,750 which roughly translates to about $18,000 in U.S. dollars. Keep in mind that is before the cost of the donor X7 which could cause the price to surge past the $100,000 barrier depending on the trim of X7 used, as well as how far into the list of Lumma custom touches that buyers are willing to equip to their rig.  


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