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Are you a performance hungry enthusiast that wants a fire breathing muscle truck but cannot wait for the 2021 Ram Rebel TRX to be unveiled? If that fits your state of mind, the folks at RM Sotheby’s may just have an alternate solution to your problem.

We’ll admit, the Ram SRT-10 Ram featured here can’t thrash the nearest sand dune, but it can scorch the quarter mile run at your local dragstrip with ease. The truck in question is a 2006 Ram SRT-10 custom that was built specifically for the 2006 SEMA show, and was even owned by legendary car designer and TV star Chip Foose. Foose even used the truck to haul around his black Hemisfear custom car which was secured to a carbon fiber trailer (the irony is not lost on us.)

Looking through the photo gallery does reveal some of the minor wear and tear that is often associated with a 14 year old vehicle, but look past that, and the broader impact of the design becomes more apparent. Slick jet black paint is adorned with a custom body graphics package, while the wheels are replaced with big gold hoops that measure 24 inches in the front and a beefier 26 inches at the rear.

Performance hardware is typical SRT-10, with an 8.3 liter Viper sourced V-10 being shoehorned into the engine bay. The listing does not list how much power it brings to the table, but with Foose’s habit of marrying big power with distinctive design elements, we are confident that it is making more than the stock 500 horsepower and 525 lb-ft of torque. The transmission is perhaps the only wart here, with an automatic transmission being mated to the engine. An exclusive quirk of quad cab spec SRT-10s (two doors were manual only) the automatic was added to help improve usability and towing behavior, but it might sour the mood of pickier buyers that might prefer to have more control over the engine’s rev band in spirited driving. A custom Borla exhaust system delivers a good soundtrack, and makes up for the transmission’s transgressions.

The interior is stock Ram from this era with a function focused layout and lots of cheap plastic. However, custom logos and other adornments on the Viper sourced seats help give it a distinctive look.


RM Sotheby’s will have the truck on the block during the online only Palm Beach event this coming weekend. While the listing does not have a list price for the truck, the low miles, custom touches, and the Chip Foose connection could cause the price to go above the $30,000 usually seen for an SRT-10 from this particular period.


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