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Chevrolet Colorado Xtreme Brings Custom Design To The Street, Packs 455 Horsepower Engine


When one looks at the Chevrolet Colorado, many buyers might not suspect that the truck is underpowered, with the 3.6 liter V6 producing 308 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. While not the most powerful in the segment, the engine still gets the job done, and has proven itself to be a stout unit. But for buyers that want more power, and think that the Colorado deserves a big dose of custom street styling. The folks at Specialty Vehicle Engineering have just taken the wraps off of their latest iteration of the Colorado Xtreme.

The Xtreme moniker should be familiar to those that grew up with 90’s GM products, with the trim denoting old Chevrolet S-10s that tried to take advantage of the street truck craze by offering buyers of the time exclusive styling touches and other aesthetic touches that made the trucks look tougher than they really were. But wheras those Xtremes preferred to show versus outright go, Specialty Vehicle Engineering’s iteration has some muscle to back up its show truck looks. Before we get into that though, we might as well highlight the styling side of the coin, and this truck comes packed to the gills with character and moxie. Available in 2WD or 4WD configurations with the short bed option, the truck features rocker panel extensions, the deletion of the bumper step inserts, and the addition of a high impact resistant ABS composite hood that is slathered in flat black paint. The wheels also get replaced with 20-inch wheels that can be adorned with either Satin Black or Gloss Black with machined faces. The interior has a lighter degree of customization, with efforts here being limited to special badges and logos, as well as custom seat trim.


With all the styling and performance on hand, the Xtreme would not indeed be Xtreme if it did not have the performance chops to deliver on the promises issued by its unique exterior styling. Specialty Vehicle Engineering did not disappoint, and spent the bulk of their efforts upgrading the hardware under the hood. No there isn’t a V8 tucked in there, but the existing V6 is mated to a centrifugal supercharger system that helps boost power to 455 horses which should provide some much needed zest to the Colorado’s step. The spicier engine also brings an OEM quality engine cover as well as a stainless steel exhaust system with satin black exhaust tips.

Braking comes from a set of carbon-fiber ceramic brake pads that are mated to slotted brake rotors with buyers having the option to upgrade to six piston forged front calipers and two-piece 13.6 inch slotted front rotors. The suspension is swapped out for a staggered sport suspension setup with the front being lowered 2 inches, and the rear being lowered by 5 inches. The truck even comes with a three year 36,000 mile limited warranty for both the powertrain as well as non-powertrain components. But buyers will have to act quickly, Specialty Vehicle Engineering is only building 100 examples of the 2020 Colorado Xtreme, and look for them to be snatched up very quickly.


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