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Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo And Sport Turismo Spied Testing Together


The Porsche Taycan made waves when it made its debut at Niagara Falls last year. But while the sleek four door is a very compelling glimpse into Porsche’s future, Porsche is already at work on expanding the Taycan family, and an intrepid photographer managed to catch both the Cross Turismo and the Sport Turismo charging together.

First found on Twitter and later posted via a Taycan enthusiast forum, the duo reflect Porsche’s desire to not only expand the Taycan’s niche appeal, but also bring it into a wagon segment that has seen some resurgence as a result of the greater demand in SUV and CUV models. While extensive camouflage does hide the true shape from prying eyes, the two estates do appear to embody a very wagon-esque profile, with minor differences separating the Cross Turismo from its cousin the Sport Turismo. A more notable one between the two is height, with the Cross Turismo being taller than the Sport Turismo. Performance hardware is expected to be identical to the Taycan sedan, which should translate to ridiculous levels of performance for buyers.


It is known that the Cross Turismo will make its appearance later this year, but it is unclear if the Sport Turismo will join it at the same time? Or if it will be unveiled at a different date. As mentioned, wagons are seeing a small but notable resurgence especially in the minds of buyers that want a utility, but don’t want to give up some of the attributes that make a traditional car appealing. While the Taycan is an offering targeted at well heeled buyers, the Cross and Sport Turismo are welcome nods to practicality, and allow Porsche to mix EV fun, with the functionality of a true cargo hauler.

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