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The 2020 Ford F-250 Tremor offers an impressive amount of capability for off-road enthusiasts, as well as those than often haul loads into areas that are less accessible to many other types of vehicles. But what happens if the Tremor meets an obstacle that even it cannot overcome? Ford engineers have thought of this scenario, and the company has revealed that it plans to offer buyers an optional electrically operated winch for Tremor buyers.

The winch makes some history of its own, with the integrated unit being the first one that has ever been offered on an F-Series pickup. The winch is supplied by Warn, and will be offered through Ford’s Performance Parts division. The winch brings up to 12,000 pounds of pulling power, and can be ordered either as a factory installed piece, or as a post sale installation at your local Ford dealership on both the gas and diesel powered Tremor variants.

“We developed this unique winch in cooperation with Warn specifically to meet built Ford Tough truck standards for our new F-Series Super Duty” said Ron Meredith Ford Truck vehicle personalization planning manager. “Having a winch specifically designed to our Built Ford Tough truck standards gives our hard-working Super Duty customers yet another tool to extend this truck’s capabilities whether at work or out on the trail.”


Developed to achieve a balance of capability and crash worthiness, the winch is fully integrated behind the steel bumper which not only helps maintain optimum airflow for both engines, but also the clearance needed for the winch to operate safely. The rope itself is made of high tensile strength abrasion resistant synthetic material which is capable of pulling the tremor out of muck, over obstacles, and even lug movable barriers like fallen trees out of the way. The winch is also the only one in its class to include a wireless remote control, though provisions for a traditional wired setup are also available for those that prefer a simpler setup process.

The winch will make its appearance in the middle of the year, with prospective buyers being asked to shell out $3,000 for the accessory. Adding the winch will also bolster the impressive capabilities wielded by the Tremor, with the model also boasting a towing capacity of 15,000 pounds for traditional trailers, as well as 21,900 pounds for gooseneck style trailers.


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