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When Tuscany Motors first unveiled the Harley-Davison F-150 earlier this year, the company immediately set out to prove that the truck was more than a mere styling statement, and promised to deliver potent performance to eager buyers. Tuscany revealed a key step of this plan, with the firm confirming that it is including a supercharger on all 2019 models


The typically optional supercharger is part of an all new dealer program that Tuscany is undertaking with participating Ford dealers, with buyers that purchase a 2019 Harley-Davidson F-150 from a participating Ford dealer at the MSRP price getting the supercharger installed as a free extra piece of standard equipment. Tuscany claims that the supercharger helps the truck produce 700 horsepower which should provide enhanced levels of low end torque, and fire breathing performance when pushed hard.


“The demand for the new Harley-Davidson F-150 has been extremely strong” stated Michael Graber, President, Tuscany Motor Company. “Since the previous generation was powered by a supercharged V8 engine, fans of the super truck have asked for that option on the latest model.”


While the free supercharger is indeed a welcome addition to this truck, there is a very notable catch that comes along with this free dollup of performance. In order to take advantage of the offer, you must fit your Harley-Davison F-150 order with in a very narrow time window. The offer first kicked off on November 13th, and it continues all the way to December 31st. Any truck purchased within this window of time is eligible for the offer, and early birds looking to try and get ahead of the pack by ordering their truck prior to November 13th will not be eligible for the supercharger program. But Tuscany is confident that this small hurdle will not stop the truck from reaping the rewards of this new promotion.


“This is an unbelievable opportunity for the general public” revealed Jeff Burrtschell, Vice President, Tuscany Motor Company. “Anyone who is interested should act quickly because there are only about 250 of these limited edition trucks available in dealer inventory today. With this incredible offer, these trucks will not last long. Because, seriously who doesn’t love free horsepower?”

We share this assertion, and apparently so do plenty of other truck buyers, with the last iteration of the Harley-Davidson F-150 selling over 70,000 units during its time in production, which lasted from 2000 all the way to the 2012 model year. Tuscany and Harley Davidson decided to push forward with an all new version of the truck, with the concept making its original debut at Harley Davidson’s 115 year anniversary celebration in Wisconsin. The production version later made its appearance earlier this year at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show, where it shared space with the rest of Ford’s lineup at the Blue Oval’s exhibit at the event.


Buyers looking to place an order for the 2019 Harley-Davidson F-150 will be delighted to hear that the truck is currently available to order at participating Ford dealerships. Buyers looking to find out if their local dealer participates in this program, they can go to HarleyTruck.com to find out more information, as well as access other key goodies including the configurator and other pricing tools.


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