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Tuffy Security Unveils New In Bed Storage System For Jeep Gladiator


With the bulk of the worlds attention centered around some of the wild custom vehicles that the Domestic Big 3 are bringing to SEMA, other aftermarket companies are chomping at the bit to try and draw some of that limelight onto themselves. One of these firms is Tuffy Security who has just unveiled an all new in-bed storage system for the hot selling Jeep Gladiator.

The company has always been known for offering innovative solutions for other Jeep models, and we are glad to see that things have not changed here. The system consists of two long compartments that are mounted on both sides of the Gladiator with three separate lids and dividers. This system allows Gladiator owners to keep their gear organized, as well as out of the damaging elements when out on the move. Tuffy manufactures the lockbox type units with thick 16-gauge 1/8 inch thick welded steel for maximum durability and longevity. The lids themselves are covered with a special composite material that helps make them weather resistant, and also have push button lock capability which allows a lid to be locked without having to lock it with a formal key. The lower bed height allows the boxes to be easily accessed from the exterior of the Gladiator, and also allows owners to use the factory bed lighting system, as well as the optional 110 volt power point. Several Bullring style tie downs are scattered throughout to help the system’s optional nylon net secure larger or bulkier loads.

An optional folding Bestop soft tonneau cover can be fitted over the entire system to help protect items in the Tuffy boxes from prying eyes, and it also helps give the bed a cleaner much more finished appearance when viewed by casual observers. Tuffy did not release pricing with its release, but look for the lockbox system to be competitively priced with other storage solutions that are currently in the marketplace.

“The dual Tuffy lockboxes combined with the folding Bestop tonneau cover offer Jeep Gladiator owners tremendous flexibility when organizing and storing gear. This in-bed storage organizer system offers a sleek and refined look. It can also help keep the interior cab compartment cleaner,” explained Tuffy Security Products Marketing Manager Chip Olson. “Best of all, no drilling is required and it’s simple to install.”


The Tuffy in bed lockboxes for the Gladiator will be on display at the 2019 SEMA show in Las Vegas this week, with formal sales expected to formally kick off shortly after.


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