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PaxPower’s Jackal Silverado Conversion Is The Raptor Fighter GM Won’t Build, Brings Wild Performance To Off-Road Truck Segment


Texas firm PaxPower has already built up a solid reputation when it comes to some of the tweaks that the firm has already done to the Ford Raptor. But this time around, it is the Chevrolet Silverado’s turn to receive some of the company’s magic, and depending on how far your imagination and your bank account is willing to go, you can end up with a true monster of a truck.

Dubbed the Jackal, this particular project started life as a Chevrolet Silverado, but it makes waves for the stages of performance that PaxPower offers to cater to a wide range of buyer tastes and budget. Stage 1 is predictably the entry level with PaxPower engineers injecting a bit more attitude into the Silverado. This includes a set of upgraded upper control arms, King 2.5 inch coilovers, as well as upgraded rear shocks. Two inch fender flares and a custom hood round out the Stage 1 transformation with the end result being more of a style focused package that does indeed improve the Silverado’s persona.


Stage 2 is where things begin to get much more serious, with the Jackal taking a bold leap towards being a more performance focused offering. The same King 2.5 inch coilovers from Stage 1 are used, but they are now fully adjustable units with more suspension travel baked into the design for good measure. A specially constructed shackle kit further enhances the strength of the structure, and the track is a full six inches wider than a stock Silverado. The fender flares grow in size to help them accommodate the wider profile, as well as all the custom extras that Stage 2 trucks get including upgraded brake lines, axles, steering links, and sway bar links.


Stage 3 is arguably where the Jackal truly transforms into a no expenses spared piece of engineering, with the main difference being the addition of bigger 3.0 inch internal bypass coilovers, as well as progressive rate leaf springs. Stage 3 Jackals also get new bumpers, lights, and larger 37-inch off-road tires which are a slight upgrade over the smaller 35-inch tires seen in Stage 1 and Stage 2 models. All Jackals get a modest performance upgrade, but it depends on what engine the donor Silverado was equipped with. If its the range topping 6.2 liter V8 for example, PowerMax will massage an extra 22 horses out of the stout unit for a revised figure of 442 horsepower. This figure makes its appearance as a set of decals on the lower portions of the front doors, though don’t confuse it with the 442 moniker that defined select Oldsmobile models. This increased figure is due to a cold air intake, tweaked exhaust system, as well as a GM Performance calibration uniquely honed to the Jackal.


As is the case with other custom models, the Jackal takes the price of a donor Silverado and adds on its own separate charges to cover the cost of the conversion. Stage 1 models start at $14,950, with each additional step upwards adding $10,000 to the final sticker price. Going that particular route will (according to PaxPower) give you a 2020 Silverado that would have comparable on and off road performance to a Ford Raptor for one easy payment of $75,000. That is $20,000 more than the fore-mentioned Raptor, but if your a buyer that wants to have a rig that can compete with your neighbor’s Ford, we can certainly say that it is indeed worth it.


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