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Ford Developing Third Pickup Entry, To Be Based On Focus


With both the Ford F-150 and the smaller Ranger pickups posting strong sales in their respective segments, it can be hard to believe that the Blue Oval is developing a third pickup contender, but a new report suggests that this is indeed the case, and that development is moving along at a steady pace.


This comes from a recent set of documents uncovered by the publication Wheels which allegedly came from Ford’s You Yangs Proving Grounds in You Yangs, Australia. The second such alleged leak from the testing facility this month (following a prior leak that shared details about the next generation Ranger) the documents appear to back up rampant rumors and speculation about the possible pint-sized rig.

Based on what’s presented here, it appears that the truck will be based on the CD2 platform, but in an interesting twist, the alleged prototypes are using a Russian market variant of the chassis. This would make sense as far as testing goes, considering that the vast and often decrepit road network that weaves through the Russian landscape is a good test for suspension and engine durability, with many Russian and even old Soviet vehicles being known for their ability to handle these demands with minimal fuss.

in addition to its platform, the documents also offer a peek into other aspects of the truck, including mention of a 2.0 liter four cylinder engine which is currently absent on the Europe only Focus. Look for Ford’s familiar eight speed to see duty in the new model which could indicate that Ford is focusing on delivering maximum fuel economy to go along with the expected boost in capability.


When the new model goes on sale, look for it to initially begin its career in developing international markets like Brazil, before being exported to other markets (including the U.S.) shortly after, possibly as a 2021 model. It will be interesting to see how it would fare in the U.S. as it would not only have to fight its way out of the shadow of its bigger siblings, but also avoid some of the mistakes that doomed other attempts at a car based pickup in recent years including the Subaru Baja. A moniker for the upcoming truck is not known, but Ford did recently register the Courier nameplate, and rumors also point at the potential return of the long shelved Ranchero nameplate.


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