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The recent explosion in the demand for SUVs has seen a number of intriguing things happen. Among them are once car exclusive companies scrambling to field contenders of their own in a rapidly growing segment. From Jaguar to even Lamborghini, Bentley, and Rolls Royce. SUV buyers have never had such a wide degree and variety of choice in their utility purchase. One of the few remaining companies without an SUV is Aston Martin. While the British sports car maker is rather late in coming to the SUV party, it plans to make up for lost time, with the December unveiling of its inaugural SUV entry, the DBX.

The DBX has been teased before with the company bringing a camouflaged mule to the Goodwood Festival of Speed back in July, but this time, Aston decided to invoke a bit of 007 magic into its newest teaser video for the high riding offering, while also confirming that it will make its official debut in December. The video does indeed try its best to be the opening sequence to a Bond film, with soft music, bold graphics, and plenty of DBX infused shots. It’s clear that Aston is trying to position the DBX as a lifestyle vehicle that will come infused with just as much personality and soul as their traditional passenger car offerings. This will be key since the DBX will face an uphill battle as it fights to steal sales from the Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus, and even select flavors of the Range Rover Sport.


The DBX is also expected to retain the fun and playful side that is to be expected from Aston Martin products despite it being a noticeable departure for the company. Rumors suggest that it could include a drift mode for sportier driving, as well as other performance inspired features to help it retain its strong link to its iconic heritage. When the DBX arrives, it will also help supercharge Aston Martin’s recent sales push following a period of stagnant sales and equally stagnant technology in many of its offerings. With the Vantage and DB11 breathing new life into Aston’s passenger car lineup, the DBX could help give the company much more sales flexibility. This will in turn help Aston grow into some of its long term goals including the revival of its currently shelved Lagonda brand as a separate luxury focused brand. In the meantime, you can see the video below.




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