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Most Resold New Pickups After 1 Year of Ownership


The car website, iSeeCars.com, has a pretty unique list of the new cars most owners give up after one year of ownership. We pulled the top trucks from that list and here are the ones owners are saying, “take this truck and shove it.”

In order to conduct this study, iSeeCars.com says they “analyzed more than 46 million individual new car sales and determined how many of those new cars were resold as used within the first year with at least 1000 miles on the odometer.”

While it may seem absolutely crazy to resell a brand new pickup after just one year of ownership, it does happen. Owners may either find something else they like better, find a flaw, buy a lemon or be a fleet buyer who goes through trucks. In any case, the fact is these top pickups are given up more than the studies average.

Here are the top light-duty trucks resold after a year.

RankModel% Resold as Used Within the First Year
1Nissan Titan XD7.9%
2Nissan Titan7.6%
3Nissan Frontier5.3%
4GMC Canyon4.8%
5Toyota Tacoma4.7%
6GMC Sierra 15004.6%
7Ram 15004.1%
8Chevrolet Colorado4.1%
9 Toyota Tundra3.9%
10Chevrolet Silverado 15003.8%
Average for All Pickups3.8%
11Honda Ridgeline2.9%
12Ford F-1502.7%

iSeeCars.com theorizes the Nissan products at the top are due issues people have with them.

“The standard full-size Titan and its larger XD variant do not measure up to their rivals in terms of towing capacity and hauling, which suggests that owners might turn them in for something more rugged,” said CEO Phong Ly. “The compact Frontier has the same shortcomings for hauling and towing while also having the worst fuel economy in its class.”

Heavy-duty customers held onto their trucks generally longer than most light-duty buyers, but the results are still surprising.

RankModel% Resold as Used Within the First Year
1Ram 2500 4.7%
2Ram 35003.9%
Average for All Pickups3.8%
3GMC Sierra 25003.8%
4GMC Sierra 35003.6%
5Chevrolet Silverado 35003.4%
6Ford F-2503.1%
7Chevrolet Silverado 25003.1%
8 Ford F-3502.7%

Leading the pack, a bad thing in this case, are Ram trucks with both of their models above the industry average. They are followed closely by the Chevy and GMC HD trucks. Ford rounds out this list with the lowest returns.

In fact, Ford is clear winner on this dubious list with both their light-duty and heavy-duty trucks being below the industry average and well below their competitors.

Our Take

Clearly, the Nissan Titan XD and Titan have been a tough sell for consumers and have been a poor performer for Nissan. Personally, we think consumers only see the “Cummins” name on the XD which tells them it will tow a lot and will be fuel efficient when doing so. That is clearly not the case at all with the big 5.0L V8. Instead, it tows well, but not like a heavy-duty truck and MPGs is poor.

The half-ton Titan has had its share of quality issues as well. This leads to quick resales.

For Ram HD to be so high to us says it is a quality issue. If you read the past reliability story on this website, you will see Ram trucks are at the bottom of most of those videos. We think buyers get sucked into the great looks, the tech and the hype only to find serious quality issues causing them to sell them back faster than average.

Ford trucks have the least amount of resales, but we don’t necessarily buy those numbers because many F-series trucks are fleet buyers who lease for 3 years at a time. Ram and Chevy, FWIW, have less fleet sales.

Chevy and GMC being right in the middle seems to confirm where they are in the marketplace – right in the middle of the sales.

Finally, the Toyota trucks. Clearly, a lot of short fat guys are buying the Tacoma and can’t fit into it like our video showed. LOL! Oh ok. Actually, if you read the comments on that video, you will see some guys who sold after the first year complaining about the transmission.

Tundra is a bit of a mystery for us as is the Ridgeline. Those trucks are pretty straightforward.

What do you think? Any surprises?


Tim Esterdahl

Automotive Journalist Tim Esterdahl has been a lover of trucks and SUVs for years. He has covered the industry since 2011 and has pieces in many national magazines and newspapers. In his spare time, he is often found tinkering on his '62 C10 pickup, playing golf, going hunting and hanging out with his wife and kids in Nebraska.

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